Android is an open source operating system i.e. any developer can modify and customize it accordingly. Because of this property of Android OS, User can get this android phone root and install a custom ROM. Now such a developer has developed a new android theme, combining Windows 10 and Android OS Interface, the name of this theme is Pixel 2 Computer Launcher Theme.

Android App Developer to create a Pixel 2 Computer Launcher theme has created a new UI by mixing Windows 10 UI and Android UI. That’s what looks like the brand new & Futuristic Android Phone UI. Pixel 2 Computer Launcher theme can be downloaded and installed on all Android 4.2 and above. Without Phone Rooting If a user downloads the Pixel 2 Computer Launcher theme to Android Phone, then the phone’s UI will be brand new and unique.

How To Download Pixel 2 Computer Launcher Theme ?

Pixel 2 Computer Launcher theme is a latest Android App which does not have much information about the logo. This App has downloaded from 30000 to 50000 people from the App Store, and everyone has given its App Review very well. Because of this, this app has received 4.6 Star Rating out of 5 Star Rating so far. Which is still the best in all Android Phone Launcher.

If you talk about the feature of this app, then Pixel 2 is the most popular feature of the Launcher app, its UI and Icon Pack. Because such a design has not been given in any app yet. Well many Windows, iOS Launcher is present on the Google App Store but there is no such design in any Launcher App.

Computer Launcher Theme

Many Android launchers are such that after installing the Phone UI it is known immediately after installing. This is not the phone’s Original Launcher. But after installing Pixel 2 Computer Launcher theme, you will experience the original & new Android UI and if you install it once in your phone, you will not like MIUI 9 Design.

Any phone that has Android 4.2 or above version of Android OS installed can download it from Google Play Store. It is available in Free & paid version if it uses Free Version, then your Phone will get all those features found in Paid version. But sometimes on the phone like Jio Phone, you’ll find Ads of Offers & Updates.

Friends, Pixel 2 Computer Launcher theme I have downloaded & installed in my phone. So far I have had both Performance and Feature both Best. Yes, sometimes the Home button Press comes when the option of the Original Theme is arrived. The solution is to select Pixel 2 Computer Launcher theme in the phone for always. Until the Phone Switch Off, the option of another theme will not come in the phone. If you have any questions or suggestions please comment.


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