How to Make Free Facebook Business Page?

Hello friends, How to create a website? How to create a Facebook page? These are all old ways and about all the technical and non-technical know about. Today we will talk about Facebook shop? & How to Setup Free Online E-Commerce Shop? This is also not New Internet technology. But many people have information about it.

I also saw other people’s Facebook shop on Facebook only. But I have never used it before, now I’ve got almost complete information about it and I’m going to set up my Facebook Shop Setup. If you also interest in Internet marketing and affiliate marketing or e-commerce. So you should set up a Free Online Shop for your Product Promotion and Online Selling.

What is Facebook shop?

Facebook is the world’s largest social networking website, with it being one of the very important Internet market hubs of all online market hubs. There are more than 1 billion billion active users here, in which there are different types of users coming. for example…

  • Technology related users
  • Users with Fashion Interest
  • Mobile & laptop related user

There are many more types of interested users who visit Facebook. In such a situation, Facebook remains a social networking website. Rather it is a Mega Online Marketplace, where millions of User Product, Service or Tool are bought and millions of people sell Product.

In such a way, Facebook has come out of such a way that neither the buyer has a problem and the seller has a problem and the user is able to reach the right place according to his interest. So Facebook has created “Facebook Shop” system.

Facebook Shop is no different as its Instant Article Service. This is a Facebook Business page, which can be setup for any product owner, its Product promotion or Online Product Selling.

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Facebook Shop Features:

There are many features in the Facebook Shop, but most of its Facebook shop is Best Feature that it is absolutely free. If a Business owner or Internet influencer sets up your Business Page. So the Facebook community does not charge for it. There are many more features that can help us in product promotion,

Add Product & Product Information: After setting up Facebook Page, we can add as much product as you like here and add product information of e-commerce website about it. Without any limitation,

Customize your shop’s product inventory: Here we can keep our product collection according to their category. This will help the seller and Buyer reach the right product.

Communicate with customers: From our Facebook shop, we can communicate directly to our customers and can provide product according to their interest.

Distribution of products: such as the E-Commerce website, if someone searches through a Keyword, then they can see all the product related to that Keyword. In the same way, we can also bring our product into Search facebook marketplace.

Get insight: We can track every single product through facebook insight. You can check which product how many people have access to and how many click and how many have bought it.

Manage order: After we set up the Facebook Shop Page Complete and after listing all our products, we can sell any product directly from Direct Page and can manage payment.

How To Make Free Online E-Commerce Shop Setup?

Setting up the Facebook e-commerce shop is very easy, we just need a facebook account for this, just after that we can setup our Facebook shop page.

Step 1: The first URL is to open the browser. After that, the option of many page types comes in the category of which we have to create a page. It has to be selected. Like I have selected Brand or Product Category.

Facebook Shop

Step 2: Now we have to select Product / Services Category, the way we want to set up Facebook shop page.

Facebook Shop

Step 3: After selecting Category we have to set the name of a Page. Keep in mind that the name of the page is kept according to your business. So that Search can come in as much as possible. After setting the name, click on Get Start option.

Facebook Shop

Step 4: Now let’s just set up our profile page and cover photo after that our page will be ready for the facebook shop setup.

Facebook Shop

Step 5: After the page has been created, we have to go to Setting and click on the option of the Edit Page. So that we can make Page a Shop Page.

Facebook Shop

Step 6: Now we have to click on Edit button of the template option and in the Theme, drag and drop the shopping theme option is to be selected.

Facebook Shop

Step 7: After selecting the theme, we have to come to the Home Section of the page and then from where we post any post, click on the product option given below and add new product on your facebook shop page.

Facebook Shop

When adding product, we have an E-commerce website where we sell Products. We can set the URL of that product by sending it to the user or if there is a checkout on Facebook then first we have to create a facebook page app and choose our payment method.

Friends, What is Facebook Shop? How To Setup Free Online E-Commerce Shop ? I have given all the information about it. When you set up your Business Page, you will gradually become aware of all its Advance feature and you can become a big Facebook e-commerce influencer in the future. If you have questions related to it, then you must comment.


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