Add Video Cover On Facebook Page

So far, Facebook can be used on Facebook Cover. But now Facebook updates can be applied to Facebook Cover. Today, I’m about to tell you about this tricks, so that anybody can put Facebook User, Facebook Video Cover. But there are some Facebook Guideline to add Video Cover, which can be applied only after the Facebook Video Cover is completed.

Facebook Video Cover guideline:

Cover photo change is easy and it can be done by anybody very comfortable. But to replace the photo on Facebook Cover, there are some rules and guidelines for video placement. You can add Cover Video only after following it. for example..

  • Facebook Cover Video should be at least 820 * 312 pixels.
  • Video at least 20 sec. & More than 90 Sec. Should be of
  • Facebook Video Cover can only be put in the Facebook Page. Now its features have not come for Profile Cover.

If you follow this Guideline, then you can add Video on Facebook Cover. You will find a lot of pointing points in this and 2 and 3 points are also easy because any video recording or trim can be done from any 20 to 90 second and any Facebook user can create your Facebook Page whenever you want. But 1 point is such that 90% people can not complete. Because the 820 * 321 pixel video is very difficult to make, it can only be made by someone who has Professional Video Editing Skills, if you do not even have to make it. So you can make the video of 820 * 321 Pixel in 1 minute by following this tricks.

Create Facebook Cover Size Video:

If you come to edit Video, you can customize Video to Yourself accordingly. But if you do not know how to use Video Editing Software. So you can see this step and create a video of 820 * 321 Pixel.

Step 1. Go to Promo Video Website.

Step 2. Choose one of the videos from here. (All the videos here are perfect according to the Facebook Guideline i.e. its size is 820 * 321 pixel)

facebook video cover

Step 3. Click on Video and click on Download, then download video.

facebook video cover

How to apply Facebook Video Cover ?

After downloading Cover Video, Adding Facebook Cover Video is just like adding Facebook Cover Photo. You can also update Facebook Page Cover Video as you update your Facebook Profile Cover.

Login Facebook Account on Computer Browser and go to your Facebook page. Then click on the Change Cover option and select Upload Video / Photo Option.

facebook video cover

Now add your video that you have downloaded, your Facebook Video Cover Update will be completed in a short time.

Friends, Facebook Cover Video Adding is only a Problem problem. Because of that, we had to take help of any Third-party Website & Video to add Cover Video. But if you can create a video according to your requirement of Facebook Cover. So you can upload your own video directly. However, there is also the option of Custom Video in Promo Share Slide. But for this you have to pay Service Charge.


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