How to Book Online Hotel Rooms For Unmarried Couples in India

Hello friends, Today I am going to tell you about the online hotel booking of the people and will also tell you that if you are a Unmarried Couple and want to book the hotel then can you. Why if you are traveling from one city to another and you do not know that How to Booking Budget Hotel for Unmarried Couples by Oyo Rooms? So here you can get information about it.Oya RoomsOyo Rooms is an India based Popular Hotel Booking Online Company. From where to the Affordable Price Hotel Room book can be done in any city of India. Oyo Rooms has connected big cities of about 200 towns with the big city yet. From here we can book from Budget hotel to Five Star hotels according to our requirement.

The month of February is going on and this month is Valentine’s Day Week from 7-02-2018 to 14-02-2018. In this week, all E-commerce websites offer on Gift, Cloth and many fashion accessories, and Oyo Budget Hotel Booking Par 500 is offering special Valentine’s Day Discount. This is a good opportunity for us, in which we travel from one place to another. So you can do a single, unmarried Couple, Family Room book for yourself at affordable price.

How to Book Oyo Budget Booking Unmarried Couple ?

If you already use the Oyo Mobile App and your Mobile Number is registered. You can only get it after registering with Valentine’s Day Offer New Phone Number. Alternatively, if you want to book a hotel from Oyo for the first time, then you will have to follow these steps 500 oyayo budget hotel booking,

First of all you have to Oyo Mobile App Download from the Google Play Store and install that. This is a small app, so you will not have any problem downloading it.

After downloading the app like it opens it. So some such options are available. Such as Free Wifi, Ac Rooms, Breakfast incorporated etc. Together with the option of Get Started. We have to click here.

Oya Rooms

As soon as you click on Get Started, you have to go through Mobile verification Process first and enter your Mobile and then click Verify.

Oya Rooms

After clicking on Verify, our phone goes through an OTP Code Message. If the SIM phone is connected, then the OTP is recorded by itself and if the SIM is in another phone then it is necessary to enter an OTP. With this, there is an option of Email, Name and Have a Reference Code. After entering the email and name, click on the has a referral code option.

Oya Rooms

Once you have clicked on the code option, a box is open. In which the “SATIYXB6Q” code is to be entered and click on Create Account. (You get 500 Oyo Points when entering a referral code)

Oya Rooms

Now we have come to the homepage of the Oyo Budget Hotel Booking App and we get the option of Nearby with many city names. The place to have a hotel book is to click on the name of the city. If there is a city where there is no information about hotels, then click on Nearby to find out about the hotels around you.

Oya Rooms

After selecting City, we are showing List of Date and Localities area. Whatever date the hotel book has to do, and whatever local area has to do a Room book. That option has to be selected.

Oya Rooms

After selecting the area, select the Oyo Welcome Couples option from the Filter option. So that all the hotels lists which can be unmarried couples stay.

Oya Rooms

From here we get to see Hotel Price, Rating, Facility as well as some of the Hotel Room images. Here we have to click on the hotel that liked the room.

Oya Rooms

After selecting Hotel, we have to select Date and how many people are booking it with this option to select this option and then click Apply option.

Oya Rooms

After clicking on Apply, all the details of hotel booking come in front of us and simply we have to pay after clicking on the Book Room option.

Oya Rooms

But before paying, we have to pay attention to one thing, a discount of 500 rupees will be available to us. When we create an account after app download and refer this app to someone. Download it from your referral link and book a hotel once from Oyo.

To get Oyo 500 rupees, you will have to go to the account option and then go to the Invite & Earn option. From there there will be a referral link for your account which you can share.

Oya Rooms

Can Unmarried Couple Hotel Booking ?

On, unmarried Couple hotel booking has been reported. Here are some important FAQs.

Q1. Can India stay in Unmarried Couple Hotel?

Ans: “There is no law that prohibits unmarried couples from staying together in hotels. Choosing to stay together is a personal choice and falls under freedom of movement, which can not be restricted. “

Senior Advocate Sudha Ramalingam (thenewsminute 19th May 2015)

Oyo Budget Hotel Booking Terms & conditions:

There are many rules about Indian Government’s Hotel Booking, along with Oyo Rooms and Hotels have its own separate rule. So when booking Hotel from Oyo, read all the terms and conditions well. With it, some of Oyo Rooms have their Common terms & policies. Which is applicable to every single hotel.

  • The age of any Hotel Guest should not be less than 18 years.
  • All guests should have a valid Identify proof at the time of Hotel Check-in, which should show Photo Clear.
  • PAN Card is not considered a valid Id proof.
  • Every hotel has its own separate policy. So when a hotel room book, first read all the words of that hotel.

Friends, this is a great opportunity to earn or save 500 rupees from Oyo budget Hotel Booking App on this Special Valentine’s Day. In this way you can also book the Online Hotel by Oyo Rooms for unmarried couples. And at this time if you want to book, you can take advantage of it, or if your friend wants to book a room then you can earn 500 in this manner. If you have any questions or suggestions, please comment.


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