Today I’m going to tell you about some Interesting Technology, which is How to Bypass Windows 10 Login Password? I.e. How to Unlock System without Windows 10 Login Password? A lot of people are always searching on the internet with a variety of names such as How to Bypass Windows 10 admin Password? Reset Windows 10 Password etc. But hardly anyone got any good tools that you could do with Windows 10 Password Bypass, but here’s the software I can tell about Bypassing any Windows 10 Computer Password.

UUKyes Windows Password Recovery Software:

Very often it happens that you forget by setting up a password in your Laptop / Computer. After that, when you do not remember the password, you can format the system, due to which many of your data is deleted. But if you are aware of UUKeys Software, you will not have to reinstall the system and you can easily reset your forgotten password with its help. By the way, UUKeys can reset the password of all types of Windows systems. UUkeys Software has been tested many times in systems like Dell, Lenovo, HP, Acer, Asus etc. and its Result is always Successful. But here I am only going to tell about Windows 10 Password Reset or Bypass Windows 10 Login Password.

How to Bypass Windows 10 Login Password?

Forget Windows 10 password To reset / reset or just bypass you just have to follow step by step after downloading UUkeys software. After that you can reset the Windows 10 password and unlock your system. So let’s see ..

Step 1. After downloading & installing the software, you open it. Here you will find something like this Interface.

Bypass Windows 10 Login Password

Step 2. Now here you will get 2 options, with help you can reset the password.

  • Create Password Reset CD / DVD
  • Create password Reset USB Flash Drive

CD / DVD Drive is a very old way, so you can connect to USB flash drive or Pendrive and click on the Burn USB Option and a pop up box will open here, click on YES.

Bypass Windows 10 Login Password

Step 3. After some time the process will complete, after which the computer wants to reset the password. Insert the USB flash drive over there and go to the System Boot Option, from here, give the First Boot Priority to the USB Flash Drive.

Bypass Windows 10 Login Password

Note: To go to the Boot or BIOS option, press the F12 or ESC Button Press after pressing the Power button of the system, the boot option will be opened.

Step 4: Press F10 key to save the boot option and exit the system and reboot the system. As soon as the system is rebooted, something like this will open in front of you. From here you can reset the Bypass Windows 10 Login Password (windows 10 password) and unlock the system.

Bypass Windows 10 Login Password

Friends, here’s “How To Bypass Windows 10 Login Password?” I.e. How to Reset Windows 10 Password? If you’ve accidentally forgot the Windows Admin Password, you can reset it using the UUKeys Password Recovery Software and unlock the system. You should use this software only for your Personal Computer Password Reset / Bypass and not because of any other system it is illegal to tamper with any other system from Trick. If you are having any problems using this Windows password recovery software, then you can comment below.


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