How to Change Facebook username before 60 days

If you want to change your Facebook profile username after exceeding the limit. Facebook is the most popular Social Networking site and Facebook is working great on creating as social as...

Facebook Top Working Secret Cheat Code-2016

  Facebook is filled with fun, casual games that are as addictive as they are simple. We've got a wide range of Facebook cheat codes that will help you get even more...

Trick-How to write single facebook name 🎯

Hi friends I came back a new fb trick write sigle name facebook id today I see many site posted very difficult trick which difficult to us understand or do it.So,i share a simple trick for you i dont waste your time lets start turtiol. Steps to make single name Facebook I'd : 1.Open your facebook account 2.Change language into Tamil 3.Go to Setting<General<Name 4.Remove last name and save it your single name fb account done 5.Go to language and angain change  language English or other which you want You use facebook daily so you have ecprience to understand  where is setting general name etc when you language change if you face difficulties understand language so open another  fb account diffrent browser and where is setting general and etc hope you like my post thank you. Sharing is Sexy 💋

Trick-Make Facebook Id Card

Hi Friends,Everyone have identification but not have Facebook identification so ,today I say about how to make Facebook I'd card safe and secure way. 1.Login Your Facebook 2.Click here to making I'd card 3.Click generate 4.Give grant permission by continue 5.Your I'd was ready 6.Save or share over social site Sharing is Caring / Keep Visiting