Check Jio Phone Booking Status

Jio Phone Booking was discontinued after August 24, 2017, as there were about one million phone book in one day. All of you will know about it. Those who are unable to book Phone Book are waiting for the next booking date of Jio and those who have made a phone book are waiting to get the phone. In this case, if you have done any of your Jio Phone Offline / Online Book and you are unable to find out when Phone will be available. So you are the right place because here I am going to tell How to check the Offline / Online Jio Phone Booking Status ? And How long will the phone get information about it?

How To Check Jio Phone Booking Status ?

Reliance Jio Company has made two ways to check out the phone booking status and to find out how long Phone will be available to you. By the way, the delivery of Jio Phone will start from September 2017. But not everyone will be Deliver Jio Phone together. This process will run on the basis of first come and first serve. The person who has done the Booking before the phone will get it first and who will be done later, he will get it later. But if your Jio Phone Order is 500 Payment then you can get information about your Phone status and Phone Order Track, both online and offline.

How To Check Online Jio Phone Booking Status?

To check the online Jio Phone Booking Status, you have to use the MyJio App and this will give you complete information about the Jio Phone Order. In any mobile you can open MyJio App and then check Phone Status in this manner.

  1. After you open the MyJio App, go to the Manage Booking Option.
  2. After this, register your phone number at the phone number Jio Phone Booking.
  3. You will enter an OTP code on your phone number and you enter it.
  4. Here you will find My Voucher option, click on it.

If the My Boucher option is Empty, it means that the Delivery Process of Booked Phone has not started yet and as soon as the phone is ready for the Delivery Process you will see all the information about it in the My Boucher option and you will know The phone will be up to you.

How do I check the Offline Jio Phone Booking Status?

When you have done your Jio Phone Book and paid, a Transaction ID Message on your phone number came in. For Jio Phone Booking Confirmation Just need to make a note of that ID and call this number 18008908900, after calling, you have to confirm Jio Phone Booking as per the instructions given to you. After that you will come to know that your phone will get the way.

Friends, here’s the report that How to check Offline / Online Jio Phone Booking Status ? If you have done your Jio Feature Phone Book, you can check his status and check Booking Order. Many people say Jio Phone will not find anyone. Friends, there is nothing like this when Jio SIM was launched. Jio Phone will be available to all the people who have made a Jio Phone Book, but not everyone will get together anybody two days before and anyone will get it after two days. Hope you all liked this tips and have been helpful for you.


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