Basic Concept of Computer Programming

Hello friends! (Learning Programming Concepts) Students often get annoyed to learn computer programming languages. While Google is searching for it, it still understands how to understand the program, or run your work by repeating! But this method is not the best way to learn programming.

Through this post I will tell you the best and easiest way to understand and learn programming language. In the meantime, we will try that after a few more posts, you can think of each program yourself, that is, you can write your own program.

Computer Programming Basic:
This first post is just to understand what the programming languages ​​are and how they can be learned. And at the same time, we can understand that once the logic is developed, we can easily understand any programming language and learn in the shortest possible time.

It is important to understand the meaning of friends programming languages.

Just as we can use our language to accomplish our work with each other, in the same way if the person in front does not understand your language then you can not do his work through him because he does not talk about your problem or your question Understand, what we do in this way:

Keep a person in the middle who knows the both language, and these person explains your question to the other person and explains the answer to that person in the language of the back up! We call this kind of person the ‘interpreter‘ Now what we see with care? Let us explain the problem or question given by the line-by-line in the second person’s language, by converting them, and returning the answer given by them to our language and returning them back!

Likewise, when we want to get some work done from a machine or computer, then we need any such tool, let us understand the written language of the computer and the computer or the machine give us the results!

Keeping this example in mind, let’s understand the programming language!

To give instructions to the computer, we need a language that the computer can understand, ‘C’ language for the expression is a language in which we write our program! Let’s understand this step by step:

  • We wrote a program in C language, through which our name should appear on the screen foot of the computer.
  • Now the program requires a medium that can convert the C program into computer’s own electronic signals!
  • For this ‘C’ language uses a medium ‘compiler’!
  • Now the compiler converts the instructions given by us to the executable format.
  • And when we run that executable program, our Output computer screen gets footed.

Similarly, writing a step-by-step solution of any problem is called ‘programming‘!

Converting programs into computer language is called ‘compiling‘! For which we use the ‘compiler‘ or ‘interpreter‘ according to the language.

The computer runs a step-by-step program and we get the output!

Remove your fear and write step by step, become a program! We will need a computer language to write, we will learn further!

Hope you understand this post better, if any problem about computer programming ask me through below the comment box.

In our next post, we will talk about differences between the ‘compiler‘ and ‘interpreter‘, and understand the ways and advantages of their work! And understand how to learn ‘C’ language?


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