How to Convert WhatsApp audio message into text Message?

In the Mobile Messaging App, the most famous WhatsApp Mobile App uses more than 1 billion people in the world and every day 200 Million Audio Message is sent on WhatsApp. People do not get bored from the same messaging features, so WhatsApp Regularly brings some updates. Such as WhatsApp Voice Calling Feature then WhatsApp Video Calling Feature. This time too there has been a similar update in WhatsApp, from this feature, you can convert the WhatsApp Audio Message to Text Message (Convert WhatsApp audio message in text message).

WhatsApp Latest Updates:

There are 2 ways (Text & Audio) in WhatsApp Messaging App and 2 ways to call Voice & Video. First of all, WhatsApp came for Text Message only, then there are new WhatsApp updates coming slowly according to the User Requirement.

  • Voice & Video Calling: The first Free Voice Calling feature was added to WhatsApp and then later Free Video Calling Feature was added.
  • WhatsApp Web: A lot of users have sent feedback to WhatsApp, with the help of Add Anyone who can help with their WhatsApp account on a PC, there was an update for WhatsApp web Mobile to PC Service.
  • WhatsApp Audio to Text Message: This is not WhatsApp’s own Update, to convert any Audio Message to Text Message (Convert WhatsApp audio message in text message). The third-party app will have to get help.

Step to Convert WhatsApp audio message into text Message:

The WhatsApp Audio Message feature also has some advantages and there are some disadvantages. If you do not have the time to type, you can send Audio Message with a lot of ease on WhatsApp. But a lot of thing happens that we are in a place where audio can not play, if the headphone is not there, in such a way, if you know about this feature of WhatsApp. So you can easily convert Hindi, English into Text in any of the languages.

Step 1. Download Transcriber for WhatsApp Mobile App

Step 2. Open the Transcriber App and select any language that you want to convert to the Audio Message text.

convert WhatsApp audio message

Step 3. Now let us open WhatsApp and select the audio message and click on Share Button.

convert WhatsApp audio message

Step 4. Select Transcriber App from Share.

convert WhatsApp audio message

Step 5. After the process of some second, the audio message will be converted into text.

Friends, Convert WhatsApp audio message in text Message Tricks is not helpful for all the people. But whatever the WhatsApp message chatting from the Audio Message, for them, this WhatsApp Tricks can be very beneficial. It’s officially launching WhatsApp officially. After that no other third-party app will be required. Hope you all liked this WhatsApp feature.


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