Create Facebook Profile Picture frame | Step by Step guide

Hello Friends, Today we will learn How to create Facebook profile picture frame. I have been seeing this for a few days that Facebook is becoming a new profile picture frame every day and all Facebook users are also liking this feature a lot.

Anyone can easily add any Facebook profile picture frame to your profile picture, and anybody can easily create Facebook profile picture frame for all Facebook users.

Many readers have asked me how they can create their Facebook profile picture frame on Facebook. If I did Google it did not get much information related to it, so I thought I could share the process of creating Facebook profile picture frame with you.

So if you want to create your own Facebook profile picture frame or if you want to put different profile on your profile, then read this very easy and short post to the last.

How to add Facebook Profile Picture Frame on your profile picture?

It is quite trend nowadays that we put a related frame on expressing our support on anything, displaying solidarity on any protest or any thing and for many such categories on our Facebook profile picture.

Facebook Profile Picture Frame You can apply your profile picture for a while, such as one day, one week, special date or forever. If you have set up the Facebook Profile Picture Frame temporary date or time, then the frame will be automatically removed from its profile picture as soon as the time is over.

At the time of digital India camping, many people had used the Facebook flag with the Digital Indian flag on their profile picture to show their support. Even Facebook founder Mark Zukerberg and our Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Let’s see how you can put Facebook Profile Picture Frame on your profile.

All Steps: First of all you login to Facebook and then click on this link. Now you’ll come to Facebook’s change your profile picture frame page.

Facebook Profile Picture frame

(A) From here you can type any word and see the related frame below and (b) Select any radio button (c) on its profile in the preview side and then (d) Also, by selecting expiry time (e) click on the Use as Profile Picture button and then place that frame on your profile picture.

How to Create Facebook Profile Picture Frame Step By Step :

First of all you can create a Facebook profile picture frame with Photoshop or any designing software. While doing the frame, you have to follow some rules.

  • Frame should be in PNG format only.
  • Frame should not be too big to have a profile picture pressed behind it.
  • No company should have a name or watermark in the frame.
  • Text or art in the frame should be at the top or bottom or not in the middle.

Step 1: After creating the frame, you login to Facebook and then click on this link. Now you will come to Facebook’s Camera Effects Platform and now you have to click on Create a Frame button.

Facebook Profile Picture Frame

Step 2: Now you will come to the page where you have to create a Facebook Profile Picture Frame. Now you have inserted the PNG images you created from the upload art option here and drag them to the right position and then click on the Next button.

Facebook Profile Picture Frame

Step 3: Now you have come to the details page. Here you first have to give your name to any frame, then by clicking on it, you have to select your profile, next you have to select from the schedule that the frame will always be available or just Until a particular time. After that, you are going to type some of the keywords here which are to be shown when your user is shown and then in last, you have to click on the Next button.

Facebook Profile Picture Frame

Step 4: Now you will see the preview of your Facebook Profile Picture Frame and where you have to submit it to the final and submit your same process full of pop-up, you will get it done.

Facebook Profile Picture Frame

How to Manage Facebook Profile Picture Frame?

Once the Frame is submitted, the Facebook team will review it and if your frame is according to their terms & conditions then within 1 week it will be approved.

If you want to see that your Facebook Profile Picture Frame is currently in review or has been approved or not approved, then you will have to click on this link and click on the Manage button, where you will get status of all your frames.

Friends, I hope you’ve liked this “How To Create Facebook Profile Picture Frame”┬ápost. If you have any questions or suggestions related to this post, then comment below and share this post with your friends.


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