Create Multiple YouTube Channel Via 1 Gmail Id


How to create YouTube Channel with mobile or How to Make YouTube Channel. It is very easy and maybe you all know this, but today I will tell you all that with 1 Gmail Id create Multiple YouTube Channel. So if you want to create a YouTube Account or create a multiple YouTube account.So you carefully read this article, and use all the tips & tricks mentioned in it to create Multiple YouTube Channels.

Creating a Channel on YouTube is very easy. Because Gmail is also Google’s product like Google+. If you have a Gmail ID, you can create a channel on YouTube through it.

How to create Multiple YouTube Channel 1 Gmail Id:

To create multiple YouTube channel from a Gmail ID, you just have to follow some simple steps,

Step 1. Firstly sign in to Gmail.

Step 2. Open YouTube and click on “Setting“, then click All YouTube Features & Create New Channel.Step 3. Now you can click Create a new channel.Step 4. Enter the channel name from here and create it. Your channel will be created.Note: You can create multiple YouTube Channel Create or Multiple YouTube channel by repeating this process.By creating multiple YouTube channel from the same ID, there are many benefits. for example..

If you want to upload many types of videos (Comedy, Tech, Vlog, Travel) on YouTube Ideas. So you do not have to create separate IDs for different Type Content. You can create all types of channels from the same ID.

Also see,


Friends, here I told how to make multiple YouTube Channel with the same Gmail Id For any beginner YouTube it is very important to know how to create a YouTube account and create a Multiple Account.

YouTube provides such a feature, with the help of which you can create multiple channels from 1 Gmail Id. And connect all channels to the same AdSense account. This allows you to upload video content to all Channels.

So your Monthly Revenue will go to the same account, which will help you to get a quick withdrawal.

For example– Suppose if you have three YouTube Channels, Comedy, Tech, Tour, from your 1st Gmail Id. These three channels have a monthly income.

  1. Comedy –  $ 20
  2. Tech – $ 50
  3. Tour -$ 30

According to Google AdSense Policy, you can transfer AdSense Money to the bank only if you have one. When your AdSense account will be $ 100.

If your three channels have been created with different IDs, then you can not transfer money earned through any of these three channels into a bank account.

But if you’re all three channels have  from connect to the same ID and AdSense account. Total Earning will show $ 100 in your AdSense account. You can transfer it to account.

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