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Hello friends, Today’s post is for bloggers like us and SEO Executive. Who run their own website / blog on the Internet or work on search engine optimization on someone else’s website. I’m here to tell about Blogbing Free Keywords Research Tool review.

I do not have to say that “What is the Keyword Research Tool?” Researching Keyword is the most basic task of bloggers and if you search on the Internet “List of best keyword research tool” then many High CPC Keyword research tool Will be found. Such as SEMrush, SERP etc.

But whatever tools we get to find Keyword are just a few of the tools. Those who are free and have to pay money to use them. Only Google Keyword Planner is the tool that we can use in free, for CPC, Keyword, Competition research,

Whenever I do a New Article Writing, I search for Keyword Google Keyword Planner, according to my Article Title, but today I came to know about another new keyword research tool while finding the Internet keyword research tool. Its name is “Blogbing Free Keywords Research Tool” and I’m here to tell about how we can use this tool to search the best keyword for my website.

Blogbing Free Keywords Research Tool:

Blogbing is a Free and Paid keyword research tool and it has just been built in a hurry. Almost all of its features are similar to other Keyword search tool but have been given some special features for bloggers.

Whenever we search a topic related to a topic related to Google Keyword Planner. So, at the same time, we know that With Average Monthly Search, Advertiser Biding, Keyword is of High, Medium or Low Competition. We do not know from them what the blogger will get from advertiser Biding and how much competition is on a particular keyword.

But with the Blogbing Free Keyword Research Tool, we can also find out how much of the advertiser Biding will be available to the bloggers and how much the competition is on that keyword. for example..

If I search the related keyword from the “cerebral palsy” topic with the Blogbing tool So I get some kind of information like this from here.

  • First Column: All Search Keyword related to Keyword is found.
  • Second Column: Keywords reveal about total search.
  • Third Column: Here the advertiser is aware of CPC.
  • Fourth Column: Bloggers learn about CPC.
  • Fifth Column: Keyword Competetion.

Free Keywords Research Tool

Blogbing Free Keywords Research Tool Features:

Good value is found in the paid version of any keyword suggestion tool. We agree with this, but in the free version of any tool except Google Keyword Planner, we do not get the keyword finding feature that we want. But in the free version of the Blogbing keyword ranking or research tool, a lot of search engine & bloggers are found to be friendly. for example..

  • Highly Optimize Keyword research algorithm has been used in Blogbing. This gives us relevant keyword data related to a topic.
  • With the help of this tool we can be searching Keyword by targeting Target Global, India, USA.
  • With Google Blogbing we get a feature of Google trend that lets us know the current time popularity of any keyword.
  • Now this tool is Completely Free, further its premium version will come. Which will get many more features.

How to Use Blogbing Free Keywords Research Tool ?

There is no condition or limitation to use this tool. It is completely free and we can use it for unlimited time. Google Keyword may also have trouble using New Bloggers, but it is very easy to use.

To use the Blogbing tool, first you have to open its Keyword research tool and log in with Facebook account.

Free Keywords Research Tool

After logging in, we get the Home Page of Blogbing and together with the big search box Keyword Suggestion, we have to write that topic in this search box. On which we want to write the post. After that, clicking on the search button is large.

Free Keywords Research Tool

As soon as clicking on search, we start to show many Keyword shows related to that topic and also find out their Search Volume, CPC and Competition.

In the side of the keyword, location is the option from which we can select Global, USA and India. With this we get to see the feature of some Google Trends.

Now we can select Keyword from here, which is useful for us, and then using them in your post can get good CPC and SERP Ranking.

Blogbing Tool Review:

I am using this tool for a few weeks and I have found so many features of this tool. Yes, it is important that there are no features like SERP, Keyword Planner or SEMrush. But the way an Indian based company has stepped up in Internet Web Services is commendable.

We all know that even in Google Services, there are no updates coming every year, to improve any Tool or Service, Blogbing has just begun. Gradually it will also get the same features as Google Planner. But By Keyword Research, it is Best and I will give it 3.5 rating in 5.

Friends, you can also use the Blogbing Free Keywords Research Tool once and see how much of its feature is relevant to you and which feature of it you like. It’s a new service, so its premium features are also getting us free so in that case you will be able to log in it, as fast as it is.



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