The Google Files Go App is just launched and here we will learn about Files Go App Review & Features. If your phone also has a Memory Card or Internal Storage problem like my phone. So you have the right place, because this app is made by Google to optimize an Android phone.

Just a few days ago, Google launched the Datally Mobile App to save Internet Data, and now it wants to make Google Android users more secure in the Android Storage Manager App. So that he does not install any such application in the phone, due to which his Phone performance and Security Effect.

Files Go App By Google:

Files Go is a Phone Storage Manager App. Android Phone Space can be done free of charge, duplicate files can be deleted and Phone Cache Memory can be cleaned. This can manage Android Phone’s Internal and External Memory.

This app provides all the features that are found in a Mobile Cleaner App, along with features such as Data backup, File Sharing and Smart Recommendation. Which is not found in any other App. So far, it has downloaded more than 1 million people from the Play Store and got a 4.6-star rating.

How to Free the Phone Space?

Download Files go App from Google Play After installing App in Phone, as soon as you open it. Its Smart Recommendation feature will provide information about all the unwanted storage and can be removed from the Home Screen by removing all Duplicate Files and Unwanted Files.

With this, Apps Storage can also be managed using Files go App. Such as which of the memory the memory is using, and memory usage in its Cache. With this all apps can be cleared from Cache and can increase Phone performance.

Files Go App

File Sharing and Storage Cleaner have to use two apps yet. But if you install Files Go App in the phone, you can File Transfer from one Device to another Device and also free the Phone Space.

Files Go App

Friends ..! Must install Google Files Go App, because it can help a lot in the phone’s performance and can manage Phone Storage. With this, when an App installs in the phone and uninstalled because it does not work. So its file is saved in the phone and the phone does not work properly. If you use Google Storage Manager in the Phone, you can delete all such files.


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