Nowadays mobile are beginning to have more power in the battery, but it’s why we take the time to charge also brings to you some easy ways that your phone can be charged faster speeds.


Turn flight mode on the phone while charging:


Once your phone is in flight mode, calls, the Internet, GPS and closes the phone’s battery faster is charging.


Phone off completely, charging:


If you want to charge the phone quickly, it stopped completely in charge to do this relatively fast phone is charging.


By turning on the phone is not charging breakdown:


This is a misunderstanding, the phone turns on with battery charging is impaired. The difference is not just that all the phone off to charge it quickly becomes charged.


‘Battery Saving’ mode Phone charge:


If you call a ‘flight mode’ or ‘power off’ do not want to charge you “battery saving mode” can charge your mobile quickly.


Do not charge the phone from USB port:


Mobile phone, laptop USB port charging speed is very low. I met with the mobile phone to charge the adapter.


Charge the phone in the proper temperature:


Faster temperature, reduces the ability to charge the battery in the phone heat when temperature increases, the time it takes to charge the battery also increases.


‘Authorized charger’ charge the phone:


Authorized charger to charge your phone Please use the unauthorized use of the charger will charge your phone too late, it will be a risk of deterioration of the battery.


Can “fast charger” used:


If your normal charger, the phone puts a lot of time to charge, you are in the market certified “fast charger” as ‘HTC Rapid Charger “or” fast charging Samsung pad” can use.



Hence,this post charging speed increase of your phone.Hope you better understand this post.If any ideas or suggestion please comment below to the comment box.


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