Guys, I have all of you a very Creative Tech Post’s am going to tell all about the Creative User If you also want something new in the world of Technology Tech, Software Development Interest in, so you the post read well. Because today I’m going to tell you “How to Build Own Operating System”.


All of the Computer in Windows 7,8,10 or Linux Operating System surely somebody must have Install OS on any of these, you probably are reading this post.


If so, you already own Windows, Linux as the OS can Create, you will look like.


Maybe you’ll think it may not, Windows & Linux OS if you are thinking of it is not so easy to create a short, you are right.
Because Windows & Linux OS is not impossible, but it is not just a human. But the Trick I’m gonna tell you, he can do that is OS Create.


Windows & Linux and you’d like to see him have the Customize, Configure & Build the CD / DVD is in the Burn can.So let’s see.

How To Build Own Operating System:

Making your own Operating System you will have to follow a few steps, then you can Build the OS.

Step 1:

First you click on the link to your Account Create, if you have Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter Account is. Then you can login Direct.

Step 2:

Tick ​​Check Box on both the Account Create and click Continue.

Step 3:

Now you open the Dashboard of Suse Studio will expose you to many such Distributed OS Template you get any of these as per your requirement can Select.

For example- Just enough OS


Template After selecting “Create Appliance” Click.


Step 4:

Operating System Development Panel will expose to you now open and you have to click on Software and from there to your Operating System Driver, Software Select can do.
For Example: Windows & Linux OS you saw all of happen.Very Game & Software already meet Installed. Install the same way you can for your OS.


Software Install whatever you want to give her up, click “Installing Process Start” will be.


Step 5:

When you have all necessary Software, Game, Driver Install the lead, then “Configuration” Click. Here you’ll find lots of Option, such as ..
General: Here for you OS Network, Firewall, Language, Region, Time Zone Select.
Personlize: Logo & Setup Image Set Here you have the OS.
Startup: Here you can User Console Select the OS, such as a Single User, Multi User.
Server: Server Database Select the OS you can.
Desktop: Automatic User Login If you want, you can Enable the Desktop.
Appliance: From here you can select Memory & Disk for your OS.
Note: If you do not change to any of these Point So you will have a Default Value Set.


Step 6:

Your OS Complete is now just have to Build it. Build you can Format Select the Format in which the OS you want to Build. Such as USB, ISO.
From here Live CD/DVD (iso) option Select shortly after you click on the Build OS Build OS file will then have the Download.


Note: You must Try it once and you should, because here too much about OS & Technology will teach and will increase the information about your Computer OS.


Guys, this post has been reported in How to Build Own Operating System (How to make your OS).
The Post Process, I only told of the Suse Studio is, how you can be a step to the final step of Software, Driver, Setup is about, I did not elaborate.


Because of all of this is up to you how your Creativity and Design & Configure your OS when you have just explained it, is in it and you are this and this Process by OS Create your own can.

Hope you enjoy this post and if your looking for Helpful any questions or suggestions regarding this post, so please Comment us.


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