Hello guys, today in this post I have mentioned the way to create WhatsApp account with US number. I at Trick4Hack has been frequently posting cool tricks related to Whatsapp. Our Whatsapp tricks are the most popular in our blog. Today guys I’m sharing something special with you. The awesome tricks about which I am going to tell you is unique and exclusive. Today I will tell you that how you can make a fake WhatsApp account using a fake U.S number, I know you’re thinking that this guy is kidding with us but no guys I”m serious you can easily do it.
I can understand that you’re wondering that how you would be able to create a fake U.S number being a resident of U.S. Here I’m gonna share you a great App called Primo. It’s an app from which you can create a few Whatsapp number which has been registered. Primo is an App which gives you a free U.S number and also you can call all over the world by using this App. It’s calling works without internet connection in over 60 countries. Receive unlimited calls & sms in your primo number. You can earn free talk minuted when you refer your friends. This App has been developed by Primo.me and it has rated 4.1 stars on Google Playstore.


Benefits of create WhatsApp Account with US Number

1.Get a US no. with +1 series free.
2.Better privacy for hiding features your original number.
3.Prank your friends by sending message with US number.

Features of PRIMO App

1.Call in India mobiles & landline for free.
2. Its supports Android 4.1 and up.
3. Easy to use features.
4. Also call in major countries like China, Mexico, Singapore, Thailand, Germany etc.
5. Share files or chat with other Primo users.
And Many More…

Steps to Create WhatsApp Account with Us number

1.First of all download PRIMO App in your android smartphone –  Click here to download.
2.Then  open this app enter your username as your wish and enter password to create account.

3.Now enter your mobile no and verify it now with OTP Code.


4. After the verification, click on options which is located on the top left corner in this App and you can see your new U.S number on the bottom of the screen. Note it down.


5. Now open WhatsApp in which you want to use your U.S number.6. Then enter the U.S number which you got from Primo App and tap on continue arrow.


7. Now wait few seconds and click on Call Me option and you will get a call in Primo App.
8. Pickup the call and note the OTP code spoken by the bot and enter it in your WhatsApp.
9. That’s it you are done. You have successfully created WhatsApp account with US number. Enjoy it.


Note – Don’t use this trick for illegal purposes like harassing someone. It can cause a vast risk to you.


So, hence was the post to create WhatsApp account with us number by using Primo App. I hope you like the post. Feel free to comment your reviews in the comment box.



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