Zero Investment Online T-Shirt Selling Business Idea:

Guys! .. Today I’m going to tell you a very easy and working way of earning money for people or starting a business. The most interesting thing is that you do not even have to invest 1 rupee in it. So today we will know how to start an online business without investing.

Before proceeding, let me tell you that this is a Online T-shirt selling business that anyone can do. If you are a student or a job or you can do a House-Wife even then There is no need to give you more time in this.

So do you want to sell online t-shirt? If yes, then you are the right place and here I will tell you about an internet ecommerce medium in which you only have to do a creative t-shirt design of yourself, which you like the logo and help you with the same ecommerce site Can Sell Online.

Well, without investing Flipkart and Amazon can be Selling. But for this you need a GSTN / TIN Number and a Proper Seller Account, which is not Possible for everyone. And you also have to manufacture products or say in the Whole cell. But to tell about the t-shirt Selling Business idea, there will be no need for any GSTN number nor do you have to buy or buy T-shirt.

So let’s know what is the Indian website whose help we can do all that too in free also.

How to Start a Business of Selling a T-shirt from My Dream Store: is an online eCommerce Platform. Where you can do a different kind of Product Select & Design and sell it to the online My Dream Store, from here, the user does not need to invest a single rupee to do online business.

My Dream Store can not sell t-shirt business but also any Custom Product Hoodies, Mobile Case, Mugs, Laptop Cover.

After making T-shirt or any other product, you have to share that design on social media to sell it. By which the eyes of the people fell on that T-shirt or product and bought it. The most noteworthy thing is that your design is unique and creative. Only then will your chances of having a T-shirt sell remain high.

How to create Account on MyDream Store?

Here are two types of User accounts, one for Buyer and one for Seller. If you have to sell Business or Product, then you can create a Seller account.

Step 1. First go to website and click on Login option and click on Email and Continue button.

Online T-Shirt Selling

Step 2. Now enter your phone number and Password on your number by sending an OTP (One Time Password) SMS, you can enter it and click on Continue.

Online T-Shirt Selling

Step 3. After clicking Continue, you will enter Enter in the Buyer Dashboard and click on the “Switch to Compaigner Dashboard” option on the right side above the Corner Black Color Box option.

Online T-Shirt Selling

Step 4. Now the Seller dashboard will open and your My Dream store seller account will be created. After that click on the above option “Create & Sell“. After that the page that will open will let you design T-shirt.

Online T-Shirt Selling

How to Start Online Business Without Investment?

Custom t-shirt design is to be done by online t-shirt Selling Bus and following the process mentioned above will have to sell it online.

Online T-Shirt Selling

After setting up the Seller Account, click on the Create & Sell option and enter the t-shirt Design Dashboard and you can design any available Color by t-shirt design. Like any text, photo, color, font, clip-art can add whatever you want.

Online T-Shirt Selling

After completing the t-shirt design, click on Sell This to set Quantity and Estimated Price. But when setting an Estimated Price, it is to be noted that its price should always be higher than the Base Price because the Base Price goes to the account of My Dream Store.

After setting the price, when click on the next option, some options like this will be found. Campaign Title, Description, Campaign Length, Select Category, and Custom URL.

  • Campaign Title: Select the name of the T-Shirt
  • Description: Tell me about your brand and T-Shirt in a little detail here.
  • Select Campaign Length: How Many Days to Run Campaign on the My Dream Store.
  • Select Category: Category of T-Shirt Select.
  • Custom URL: Share it on social networking site and increase your t-shirt.

After setting everything up, click on Finish, then t-shirt will be ready to sell and will show on the My Dream Store.

How to get paid from MyDreamStore:

Friends, if you are thinking that you will get money from anyone who has sold T-shirts. So you do not have to take tension. You have to click on the My Account tab. In it, go to Profile Setting and fill your bank’s information in Payout Settings.

And after that as soon as you have a cell, you will be paid every week. And will come to your account.

Payment Proof:

Online T-Shirt Selling

What is the benefit of Online T-Shirt Selling Business without investing?

If someone sells you from the Design t-shirt My Dream store, then the more value you get by selling the t-shirt in the price after the Base Price. Suppose if the base price of t-shirt is 250 rupees and after selling your t-shirt to 500 rupees then you will get an income of 250 rupees. Along with you, there is no need to worry about Delivery Service. All this will be managed by the My Dream Store.

But friends …! Just imagine, you are a little crazy who will buy 250 t-shirts in 500. That’s why you have to put the price also worth buying. According to me, you make the design good and put your own rate around the price in the market.

250 Rs. If the base price is then Rs 310 Sellling Price will be more profitable. And more and more t-shirts will remain in chaos.

Friends, Start Online T-Shirt Selling Business Without Investment My Dream Store is the best website. From here you can start your online business with Zero Income and if you have a business or brand, you can promote it on t-shirt by applying your Logo, Tagline.

Pro-Tip: If you are a YouTuber or Blogger, then this is a golden moon for you Extra income. And along with the logo can also be connected by selling your own merchandise.


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