How did Vodafone, Idea, Airtel & Jio call details find out?

Hello friends, We all know that the Call Provider company has the call details of everyone, and when needed, Police can find those phone number call details and mobile number can be tracked, by getting all information related to the number Can have.

But how do we know if we need to know our own phone number Call Detail? Do we have to contact the SIM provider company, or will have to get help from the police?

What is the method to find Idea, Airtel, Vodafone and JIO Phone number call detail? If you want to know all these questions and want to know Legally Mobile Number call detail, then you will get the information about all the correct methods related to SIM Call here.

What is Phone Call Detail ?

Whenever we call someone from our phone, it comes from our phone to a phone number. So the important information about the phone number is saved in our phone call history. Like that …

  • The number used in the call made by our phone or the number used in our phone calls is saved in call history.
  • How many times did we call someone at Particular number or how many times we got calls from a typical number on our phone?
  • For how long we talked on a particular phone number.

This is the volatile call detail, after the phone turns off, after phone reset, the SIM is turned on, and the call history is deleted from our phone.

As is our Phone Call History, this is the same or a little advance call history saved. Near the operator who we are using the SIM. for example…

If you are using the SIM of Vodafone, call Detail Vodafone of your phone. It is permanent and it is not manually deleted unless it is manually deleted. Call history, saved in Phone, lets know only about some common information.

But in the call detail saved on the telephone exchange, there are many more information saved along with history. As if we talked about the call or received call done by our phone, if we text message to anyone, what did they write in it? All these are saved and they say “Call Record Detail”

How to find Phone Number Call Detail ?

Very often it happens with us that Phone Call History gets deleted for some reason and we have an important number in it which we have not saved. In such condition, all SIM provider companies provide such online features for their customers, with the help of which they can exit their Phone Number Call detail.

This feature was not the first, but since the mobile recharge was done online, we started getting this feature before we had to contact Telecom operator and their service center to find Call Detail.

All of us are not a SIM user, so the way to find Mobile Number Call details is not the same. Different telecom operators have their own different way. We will get all the information about Vodafone, Airtel, Idea and Reliance Jio in different ways here.

How to find Vodafone Call Detail?

If you are a Vodafone SIM user and you need information about Incoming and Outgoing Call connected to your Number,

Go to My Vodafone website and call number for the call. That number will be recorded and an OTP code will be sent to that number, after entering it, we can get information about our Vodafone SIM Call Detail.

Phone Call Detail

How to find Airtel Call Detail ?

Airtel is a bit complicated for users and if you have to get Call Detail of your Airtel Mobile Number, then you have to create an account before then check outgoing Call and Incoming Call History done by your Number.

For this, you have to go to My Airtel Selfcare and have to create an account from your Airtel number and then you can check the call details.

Phone Call Detail

How to find Idea Call Detail ?

In Idea Operator, we get a very easy option which we can use to call our phone’s call details. As we can see in Vodafone, in this also we can access Direct account by using OTP.

All we have to do is go to the Idea Cellular MyCare Option and enter your Idea Number, then an OTP will go to our number and enter it by logging in.

Phone Call Detail

How to find Reliance Jio Call Detail ?

All of us know about Jio that all our information is in the MyJio App in our phone and we can fully control our number if Jio SIM is user and you want to get your phone’s call details.

So you have to install MyJio App in the phone and login will go to the account and from there you go to Statement and select the date of Call Detail and we will get Reliance Jio Call details.Phone Call Detail

Friends, this is the way to find your Mobile Number Call Detail from the most popular SIM operator and we can use all these tricks to know the call detail of Vodafone, Airtel, Reliance Jio and Idea Phone Number. If you have any suggestions about it, then you must comment.


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