Hi friends, your Android smartphone com.google.process.gapps came error ?. Do you want to fix the error. If you have symptoms, is the right place. So today because I have to Google to process errors is problem. Maybe you’ll tell a few tricks which help com.google.process.gapps fix the Problem.
google.process.gapps Error Basically Android KitKat and Android Lollipop OS more come.But first we have to text com.google.process.gapps why came this error our smartphone.

Why came com.google.process.gapps error our smartphone ?

The Phone app in Android Unfortunately Stopped REASON error is coming from something simple. The error seems to come in because of the Android smartphone.

If you download Android app from Google Play Store than there is elsewhere. Such 9App.com & Apkmirror.com your Phone  Com.google.process.gapps Error come.And it mostly comes in the same app. You are told and downloaded. Or are for the Share it through.
Clean cache memory due to an error in Google Stopped app seems to come.Well if your smartphone has a much more app installed. The error seems to come still.

com.google.process.gapps Error Remove or Fixed this problem
Friends if the error is coming into your Phone. To fix the problem or remove the symptoms, In Phone the root or any special tools you can not do it. Just some simple little tricks to him. And from your Phone com.google.process.gapps Error Fix are disabled. Let’s see com.google.process.gapps stopped error how to fixed.

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Method #1 clean app cache

If someone in your Phone app in a particular com.google.process.gapps unfortunately has Stop Error came. The app give you the urge to clean the cache memory. To clean app cache memory to follow the step below.

#Step 1:

FIRST OF ALL your Android smart phone’s “Settings” should be in “apps” or “Apps Manager”, select the option.

#Step 2:

As soon as you click on manager apps. Survey app installed on your smart phone will come in front of you. Now you click on the app of all apps. Which open the com.google.process.gapps has Stopped came error.
For example- Viewer for your Phone Android app is not open. Urge you to click on it.

#Step 3:

As soon as you click on an app error. Before you open the app, the details will come out. Just now “clear cache” by clicking on Open. The app is to clean cache. After you restart your smart phone to open prior to use. Maybe your Android Phone app to show error message will be closed. If your Phone is still having the problem. You should use the second method.

#Method 2: Reset app preferences

Almost all in your Phone app com.google.process.gapps in. Here is the problem of Stopped. Then you to reset all the apps. Maybe your Phone to remove or fix the error will Google. Android App to follow steps below to reset.
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#Step 1:

You first Android smart phone in “Settings” with. Settings in the “Apps” or “App Manager” option should be on. And click on the option to give manager apps.

#Step 2:

As soon as you click on the Apps Manager option. Open the app and you will come to your Android Phone Installed Surrey. Just so you do not click on any app. Apps Manager in the page but also the side of the search. “Three vertical dot line” is to click on.

#Step 3:

 Three vertical dot line Clicking on the “Reset apps Preference” will get the option. You have the option to click.

#Step 4:

As soon as you “Reset app preference” click. Then will come in front of you open a message box. And will be written down “Reset apps” you have to click on this option. As soon as you will click all your Phone app will be reset. Then you have your Phone to “restart” it. Just fix the error or remove an app on your smart phone must have been.

Conclusion :

If a particular app on your Android smart phone into a friends com.google.process.gapps unfortunately has Stopped came error on your smartphone.The symptoms of these two methods of doing it can fix the error. But the problem is coming in your Phone app Surrey. The best option you have is to urge you to reset your Phone.
Anyway if you have downloaded the app from the Google Play Store to your Phone. I think your Phone com.google.process.gapp low chances this error.
Hope you enjoy this post and must have good information. If you have any suggestions or ideas regarding this post.Then you should definitely comment.




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