Hi Friends, there is no need to tell that WhatsApp is now at a point which is what you use to access almost every Internet. Especially today, the application has become an essential SmartPhone.


Now every smartphone Install WhatsApp is already making it easier to use is already in.Now it’s so important to its Privacy concerns are justified. So, I posted this “How To Hide WhatsApp Images And Videos From Gallery In Hindi?” I’m going to tell you how through WhatsApp Videos, Audios or Images can hide from your Gallery.


WhatsApp Images and Videos Gallery of the need to hide it ?

WhatsApp is one on which all the people we Messaging Platform Videos, Audios are unable to send or Images. So, sometimes we offer Videos, Audios Images come or we can not share with anyone else.


But we all know that when the Auto Download Activate on WhatsApp and all Videos, Audios or Images are downloaded automatically. The smartphone can be seen in our Gallery. So, all those things which can be seen there is no hand.


Images and videos from the gallery Hide WhatsApp How?

So, if someone else is doing it all our phone check Videos, Audios Images Gallery or misconception appears in people who misunderstand us.


So I’m going to rid you of this problem and am going to maintain your privacy.


How to hide WhatsApp Images and Videos from Gallery Step by Step:

Step 1.Your mobile File Explorer (File Manager) Open and go to the Internal Storage.

Step 2.WhatsApp folder, select it, and open it now.

Step 3.Now open the folder in the Media name.

Step 4.Now there by Whatsapp Images .Whatsapp Images Turn the Rename and similar to Whatsapp Videos Rename .Whatsapp Videos of it. In the folder before a Dot (.) May apply and click OK. Hide Folders in your File Manager will now.



Step 5.Now your phone by going to Settings Apps Manager (Installed Apps), click and select the All Section and click on the Gallery.

Step 6.Click the Clear Cache Now go down.

Images and Videos of WhatsApp You successfully hide from your Gallery, and now they will not show in your Gallery. Now you can make it back to the Gallery Go to the Check.
Files are now hidden again if we want to see what you can do for it? I would like to tell you about it in detail. The first two measures that you want to see it for a while or forever Gallery would like to show again.


How to unhide whatsapp images and videos again ?

Step 1.Your Mobile File Explorer (File Manager) Open and go to the Internal Storage.
Step 2.WhatsApp folder, select it, and open it now.
Step 3.Now open the folder name on the Media.
Step 4. Whatsapp Images and Videos on there you do not see the folder will appear in the top left to show it again, click Option, which is similar to the bottom of the Figure will open a Menu.
Step 5.Now look at the “Show Hidden Files” Hidden Files, which you can click on reappears. See the Figure below.
Step 6.Now if you want to appear back in your Gallery Rename it again as it was before the turn. For this you can follow up the Steps.
So guys, how did we post this to Android Phone by which you can make it safer by locking Apps? If any suggestions our ideas related to this post feel free to comment your review below to the comment box.


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