Suppose you are in urgent and want to lookup for one of your old newsletters but after opening your Email Inbox you look that your inbox completely is filled with the promotional newsletters, social newsletters or bulk random messages that make you difficult to find any old newsletter and you feel to unsubscribe all bulky unwanted emails that you subscribed earlier.

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Now, the most important question is How can you unsubscribe all the unwanted bulk mail without any traditional way to unsubscribe that was to open any promotional email which you want to unsubscribe and click on a small unsubscribe link (usually in the footer). And that will unsubscribe you from its Email services.

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But if you are us means you have subscribed to a many of newsletters, then repeating the above process for each of them is quite time wastage and painful.

We are here to give the solution for above problem. After many kinds of research, we brought the best way for you all.

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There is one free service called, which gives freedom from traditional unsubscription method. Here you can unsubscribe to bulk newsletters within few clicks. support all the major services including Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc. And the best part of this service is they also have an iOS app, but the bad news is for android users there is no Android app for them.


How works :
•Browse or Visit official website

•Now Click on Get started button
It will ask you to Sign Up

•Enter your email address and hit continue button

•Now will ask you authorized it. Just click Allow button.

• will start scanning your account for sales/newsletters emails.

•Once done, you’ll see a list of service that sends your newsletter, with a unsubscribe button next to their names.

•Click on that unsubscribed button, and you won’t get any newsletter from that company in future.

That’s it Now enjoy with some Important Email subscription.

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