Friends, today I’m going to tell “How to Recover Deleted Facebook Message, Photo & Video”. So if any image, video or message from your Facebook Account has been deleted by mistake then you stay with us.


Very often it happens that, by chance or by mistake, someone has an important video, Image Delete, which is only uploaded to Facebook.
It was also with me, I uploaded a picture to Facebook with my friends in 2015.
But just a few days back, that picture was deleted from me. Then what I did, started asking the logo. How to get back to the photo (How to Recover Deleted Facebook Photo)
But I did not get the right answer from anybody, then I left the same option, Facebook Help Forum. I asked about Facebook Recovery on Delete help on Facebook,
So I got a brief response from the Facebook Support Team. With whose help I recovered Deleted Photo from my Facebook Account.


Today, I’m going to tell you about this Trick Technology, by which you can recover Deleted Image & Video from facebook Account.
This trick is another advantage with this, if you deleted the Facebook message of any friends, but now you need that message, then you can recover Facebook Deleted Text Message from the Help of this Trick.

So let’s see ..


How to Recover Deleted Facebook Message, Photo & Video:

To get deleted videos, Text Messages and Photos from Facebook account, you just have to follow Step easy.
But this should be an Internet Service and you should remember your facebook username and password.


Step # 1:

First log in to Facebook Account and click on “Setting” option.

Step # 2:

As soon as clicking on Setting, the option of General Account Setting will come. If your PC does not come in. Then you select this option.
Now click on “Download a Copy of Facebook Data”.


Step # 3:

Now you have come to the Download Your Information Option. From here you can get information about all the information related to the Facebook Account.
What is your data on your account and what is the use of it on Facebook. In addition to Facebook Photo, Video, Text Message, 50+ more such information is linked to your account.


To Recover Photo, Video, Text Message, Click “Start My Archive” Option.


Step # 4:

Now a confirmation box will open. You enter your Facebook Password on there. Then click on Submit.
After some time, all the photos, videos, text message associated with your Facebook Account will be recover. After that you can download or share them.
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Friends, this article has been told in. How to Recover Deleted Facebook Message, Photo & Video. If any important information from Facebook Account has been deleted by mistake.
So you must use this Trick & Tips, and if you liked this post. So do not forget to share it like this. If you have any questions or suggestions about this post, then you must comment.


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