Hi Friends !! I looked at many places people want to root for your Android Phone.WhatsApp Group,Facebook group place “is how to rooting” Question as seen plenty. I said us all about in this post rooting Questions have made clear. Root your Android Phone to which you will learn to.

Changes to the root of so much since Android Phone to come. You can customize your own Android Phone anything can do. Phone for you ( “root”) can go to and can do anything with your Phone.


What is Rooting ?

Phone rooting simple meaning phone of OS (Operating System Software) going to deep (root) and modify own idea.By root of your Phone interface, locking systems, Pre-Installed app (app already installed) You can delete or change its own.Basically i.e, Android Phone Root of deep which is software installed on a custom Android OS put own place.


Why it is necessary to root your android phone ?

Friends !! Rooting to the root before we need to know why it is important. You may have noticed that many of Google’s Playstore Applictions who just work for Phone is rooted. Phone and you have to experiment with something different to possible symptoms, it is only after rooting.

Rooting of phone (advantages):


Do Anything (UI change):

We first talks about the advantages of rooting.The rooting means you can do anything,anything in your Phone. If you want to know about the technology related to something Android Phone to custom you UI (User Interface) and can change.

Boost Your Phone:

Phone app already installed now a days are some symptoms, those you can Uninstall your internal memory. And now a days on Playstore Phone rooted such that Software / Apps Available whose help you can advance your Phone is the high. Phone Available for so that you are rooted, since the Phone Apps to get permission to go to the inside.

Battery life,Processor speed:

Therefore, understanding the root of the phone.Once you have your Phone with very amazing thing, whether it be a battery or a customized user interface. Overlocker or Underlock your processor can do. Here is your processor speed means you can increase or decrease.It is depend upon you.

AD-FREE app:

The sleep time can also increase your Phone. Advertisement on the Phone can also consume. You can install custom Rom. You to install custom Rom’s newly Options grants.
Then you to see how your Phone After the root is Possibilities increase.

Rooting of Phone (Disadvantages):

Warranty Problem:

Rooting to talk about the loss of the first symptoms, that comes and loss Phone warranty. Rooting, since the security of your Phone you break for go to the phone root.The case just like warranty of big company Samsung, HTC, look, Sony, Motorola, while Xiaomi, One Plus Phone is losses when rooting.

Phone May Dead:

When the root is to follow the instruction if you not follow then your phone became box.So,you must give to the root of the symptoms.Phone after the root you have any symptoms, if a virus attacks publisher of the app is installed on your Phone will just your own responsible.

Only custom OS can Install:

None of the company’s latest version of Android Phone, you will not get custom os.You can get custom rom.Which you install your phone.Rooted Phone app and of course you will not find any related Wallet.
Whatever the advantages and disadvantages mentioned above, I think we don’t care these disadvantange about root then i will tell you what to do to root.You follow the some steps below for root your android phone.

Steps to root your android phone :

Step 1:

First you download the software and take KingoRoot in your PC. You can download from here.

Step 2:

After installing the software you will open it will ask you to connect Phone through USB cable.

Step 3:

Phone USB Debugging by going into the settings before connecting to give on. USB debugging option will be available in the Developer Options.
Note: ( In your phone does not show developer option in about phone click seven times on build numbers then developer option show in your about phone options. )

Step 4:

After connecting to the Phone to PC.You will get to the root of the .Then you click Root option.Next read information and follow steps.

Step 5:

As the rooting process will end.Your phone is reboot.No need worry.Then Finish icon showed in your PC.
Root Your Phone will be like this.
Note – The root of all the steps in this post is right on phone but even if your symptoms, it becomes dead when Root Phone “Trik4Hack.com” has no responsibility.
Hopefully,Friends! Rooting will have understood better than you. If you have a problem you can comment. Please subscribe to our newsletter and take it in your inbox, so you’ll get the post.


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