• Friends, Today I tell about an awesome WhatsApp trick which is very useful for you.Many visitors ask me How to send big files from Whatsapp.So,today I am told about this.
    Most of the people use FM Whatsapp , GB WhatsApp and other modded whatsapp to send big files and use other features.But this Whatsapp limit sending files near about 700 mb.So guys,today i shared a great trick for you.You can send data without limit.
    This given whatsapp trick will help you to share zip, pdf, exe, apk, rar and big files from your whatsapp. As we all know whatsapp came with the limitation that you can only send audio, video and images with it. But with the help of this trick, You will be able to send or share ZIP, PDF, EXE, APK, RAR and even big files with your friends on whatsapp.

    Let’s see,

     Follow below steps to send big files on your whatsapp:

    1. First of all install DropBox and CloudSend Application in your mobile.
    2. Open CloudSend, you will be prompted to link with Dropbox, Click Allow.
    3. Share the file on CloudSend which you want to share with your friends on whatsapp.
    4. File be automatically uploaded to your DropBox server and link will be provided to that file.
    5. Copy the given link and share it to with your friends on WhatsApp. You friend will simply open that link and can able to download the file in their mobile.


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    The above given whatsapp trick to send big files is very easy to use. If you have any doubts or find any difficulties to use this tricks then you can contact us or comment below. We  solve it as soon as possible. 



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