Today every person use smartphones.Many of them use two smartphones.When use second smartphone one question came to the mind.What are one whatsapp account in two smartphones ? There is no official trick but I come with one trick for this.


Steps to use one Whatsapp Account in two smartphones

1.For this trick both smartphones have internet connection and latest WhatsApp Apk.
2.Minded second phone have sim card and WhatsApp account are created.
3.Now,Open WhatsApp web in your second phone.
4.Noticed whatsapp web not open in mobile phone.For this request to the desktop site.Whatsapp web are  opened then you see QR Code.
5.Then tap the first phone Whatsapp setting again click on WhatsApp web.
6.Now take your first phone and scanned the second phone QR Code.
7.After scan the code your whatsapp are start on your second phonephone.8.That’s Done.

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