Free Jio Prime Membership Renewal 2018

Hello guys, now the time has come to make Jio Prime Membership Recharge because Jio gave us time till 31 March 2018. But do we have to recharge Jio Prime Membership now? Or Jio Prime Membership Free 2018. Regarding this we know in detail with all the process that 31 March 2018 will be what we have to do.

When Jio Prime Membership was started last year, we had to recharge it for Rs.99 and get an update from Jio Official that would have to be re-charged on 31 March 2018. But seeing the current situation, Jio has given a new update to its customer and this is not a big news. But this is a good thing for us.FREE JIO PRIME MEMBERSHIP 2018 JIO PRIME 2018

However, many of Jio’s updates come, sometimes with Jio Laptop, sometimes with Jio DTH, but half of these news are fake and we do not have any work. But whenever any update comes about Jio Recharge or Jio New Plans, it is a good thing for us.

Will Jio Prime Membership Free?

The answer to this question is that everyone wants to know whether Jio Prime Membership will be free? Since 31 March 2018 no one wants to recharge again to create a Prime Member. So far, Jio’s Recharge Plan 2018 has been the cheapest and has not been able to convert all the cutomers of Airtel or Vodafone, compared to any telecom operator.

With this, all operators like Airtel and Vodafone have not even started the same as Jio but have also launched the Plans. In such a situation, if Reliance Jio starts charging 99 rupees of free from its customers in 2018, then many customers can stop using Jio SIM.

Keeping these things in mind, Jio took a right deacion and made free prime membership for all the customers. That is, now we will never have to recharge rs 99. We all have always become Jio’s prime partner.

Many SIM operators had spread the news that Jio will close on March 31, 2018, and many people have not yet made JIO Phone Number their primary number. Just use it to talk only. But after getting Jio Prime Membership Free 2018, they would have been convinced that Jio is not going to stop now and we can make it our Primary Mobile Number.

What do we have to do Jio Prime Membership Free 2018?

Jio Prime 2018 will start from New Session 1 April 2018. But for this, we have to follow some basic tips so that our prime membership can be re-extended for one year and we can use all the Primium Services of the Xiao.

We just have to install MyJio Application (if not done) and it will get a Notification on 1 April 2018, who is Eligilble for Jio Prime membership and anyone is getting this service free. If you have someone like Jio Prime Membership Free 2018 then you have to claim it.

But if there is a user who has not yet taken Jio Prime membershiphip. This offer is not for them. IAs Customers will have to recharge at least once for jio prime. In such a case, if you want to apply now. So you just …

MyJio App will have to download and Jio Prime Member will have to pay 99 rupees, or if you have to add Rs 99 with any recharge plan, then they will become Prime Activate.

What will we get in Jio Prime Membership Free 2018?

As we all have been a Jio Prime customer for the last one year and we know what benefits we get from staying in it. If someone is a non-prime jio customer then Recharge Plans are a bit expensive and free Unlimited 2G Internet Pack is not even available. With this, there are many more offers that we get when connecting with the Prime. for example..

IPL Cricket Match 2018 is going to start, so there will be a need to watch matches on the phone, for this, if we are prime member, we will get JioTV Full Free access. All the channels which are shown on DTH are available. With this we also see in free of premium channels.

Who does not know about JioCinema, this app is installed on all of us. Because we find it in Latest, Sauth Indian, Bollywood and Regional Movies Free. According to me, there is no better movie streaming and no more. If we are part of Jio Prime Membership Free 2018, then we will have access to this App and its Website Free.

All of its Jio has many usefulful applications and services that all the prime members get access to Free. Such as JioMoney, JioNews etc.

Friends, joining Jio Prime Membership Free 2018, we have a lot of advantage and the biggest benefit here is that we will not have to pay Rs 99 again and our Recharge Plan will remain exactly as it was before. With this, if Jio launches another service in the Future, then the service Jio Prime members will get the first one. In such a situation, I had already taken membership, if I have not taken it yet, then you may have come to know what is Recharge like that.


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