LulzSec India Vs Pakistan Haxors Crew

The news of the day-to-day battles between the Indo-Pak soldiers are in the headlines. But now this battle is being seen in the land as well as in the online world. A day before the 71st Independence Day of India, a group of Indian hackers, LulzSec India, hacked 30 websites of Pakistan Government (…

The list of websites can be viewed on their Facebook page.

LulzSec India Vs Pakistan Haxors Crew

After hacking the website, all their home pages-

Happy Independence Day 15th August

We LulzSec India Celebrating 70th Independence Day

Security Kissed By ROOT D3STROYER (A Mechanical Engineer)

We Salute Indian Army

After this wrote a quotes of Shrimad Bhagavat Geeta.

And finally the tag line of LulzSec India is-

| New Security Comes With New Vulnerability

LulzSec India Vs Pakistan Haxors Crew

Earlier, Pakistani hacker group Pakistan Haxors Crew (PHC) hacked the website of some of the famous educational institutions like Delhi University, Aligarh Muslim University and Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IIT Delhi) in India on April 25, 2017.

And after that again on August 15, Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) and Allahabad University has hacked.

The official website of Allahabad University is not open yet (Pakistan) and the Pakistani hacker group has posted its page on the AMU website.

If we look at the message given by the Pakistani hacking group- Pakistan Haxors Crew, then they have abused India as well as it has written that Kashmir will become Pakistan. While talking about the Indian hacker group LulzSec, they have not used any kind of abuse. From this, we can guess the Pakistani hackers mentality. Come know some things about the Indian Hacker Group LulzSec.

Lulzsec India – The Indian Gray Hat Hacker Group

LulzSec is a short form of Lulz Security. According to Neologism, Lulz is derived from the word lol (laughing out loud). Perhaps that’s why Moto Laughing at your security. This Hacking Group came in the eyes of people after hacking in May 2011.

It is believed that this is a group of 7 people. The leader of this group is Hector Monsegur. Some members of the group are Mechanical Engineer. Hector is famous in the hacking world as Saboo.It is a computer security expert.

This group hacked a large website after one. Including the very safe CIA website and sony entertainment website. Their motive is not to earn money in exchange for hacking, it attracts people’s attention towards hazards present in the website. They can call them gray hat hackers because they do something wrong with the right things.

Pakistan Haxors Crew

The Pakistani hacker group, whose name is Pakistan Haxors Crew. The small forms of their group names use most of the PHC instead. This group contains many more folks along with Vani, Aryan, Daniel, Warrior, Benaros and others. They call themselves a true patriot.

More information about this group is not available. If you have more information about them then you can share with us.

Conclusion :

If we look at the tagline of LulzSec – every new security comes with new flaws. This is absolutely right because nothing in the world can be 100% perfect. There is definitely some shortage in everything. Now this thing applies to India or Pakistan, or any other country.

If you will attack on our country’s website, we will attack your country’s website and then you … ..they should … then you …. This will never end.

Can India cyber war with Pakistan, be fair or inappropriate, share its opinion with us? Please tell us how you liked this post. Thank you.


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