What is Kali Linux ? How to install Kali Linux in Android

How to install Kali Linux in Android Phone. Kali Linux is a very popular software that is used for hacking. You can do any hacking by installing Kali Linux in Android Mobile, Like Cracking WiFi and Many More Things.

What is Kali Linux ?

Kali Linux is the Linux distribution from Linux Debian. (Debian is a Computer Operating System, with this Kali Linux is built.) (Linux Distribution is also known as Distro. It is an operating system that is made of Software Collection.) Kali Linux Use Digital Forensics and Penetration Testing, and it is also used in Hacking.

Saying in Simple Word, Kali Linux is an operating system that resembles the Linux Family. As Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8 belong to Windows Family.


  • Device must be at least 2.1 Or Above.
  • Your Android Mobile should be 80% Charge
  • Your Android Device should be Rooted – Click Here For Rooting Guide
  • Around 4.5 GB should be free in Space Internal Memory.
  • Busybox Installer. (Download)
  • Linux Deploy. (Download)
  • Android VNC Viewer. (Download)
  • High-Speed ​​Internet Connection

Step by Step Tutorial To Install Kali Linux On Android Mobile:

Through this article I will tell you how you can install Kali Linux on your mobile. Recruitment And Steps is given below.

STEP 1: (Rooting The Android Device)

First of all, you root your Android Device. Root your Android Mobile information I had given in previous post. Read it [How To Easily Root Android Phone (Without Computer / PC)]

STEP 2: (Installing Busybox)

First of all, we have to install UNIX Scripts on our Android Device by using the BusyBox Installer. So download and install the BusyBox link above.

STEP 3: (Set Up Linux Deploy)

  • First download the Linux Deploy App and install it.
  • Open the app and click on “Download” button.

Install Kali Linux

  • Under the App, click on the distribution option.

Install Kali Linux

  • Choose Linux option
  • Click on “Installation Path” and click on Install Path.
  • Now, go to the top of the screen and click on Install Button.
  • Wait until Kali Linux downloads, Wait, it depends on your Internet Connection how much time it downloads the software.

STEP 4: (Install VNC Viewer)

  • Now download and install VNC Viewer App.
  • Launch the Android VNC Viewer App and Setting Fill as Image Below

Install Kali Linux

  • Now, click on Connect Button.

Install Kali Linux

  • Congratulation ! Kali Linux has been installed correctly on your mobile.

Friend, now you have installed the Kali Linux OS on your mobile, now you can do any Hacking Work with its help … .. Best Of Luck!


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