Hi Friends, Reliance Jio is not a full time Offer Offer comes second. Now another new Offer Reliance Jio is bringing “Reliance Jio Prime Offer”. The Offer to March 31, 2018 you will get reliance Jio Service.

Now, what you’ll get and how to get in Reliance Jio Prime Offer.So tell me about it in detail Let’s see.

What is Jio prime offer ?

Reliance Jio in the joy that the 100 Million User “Jio Prime Offer” Membership will take you to the launch of this Offer.
Jio Prime Membership before 31 March 2017 to Rs 99 to Recharge. Recharge Reliance Jio Website or you can Use of Myjio App.
Membership Once you Happy New Year Offer 31 March 2018 will be increased to Jio means you can Use the Current Service until 2018.
Jio Prime Plan is but a few conditions,
Offer Activate Recharge of Rs 303 every month after you will have. This month, the Unlimited Voice call, Unlimited Message & 30GB 4G High Speed ​​Data then Unlimited avg. Speed ​​data. Not only the night between 2 am and 5 am Use of the Unlimited Free High Internet can do.
Reliance Jio Prime Offer App Free to Use all of you to get Jio, such JioTV, JioCenema, JioNews etc.
Activate Jio Prime Offer you do not want to. You can use either of Jio Plan. You can find out about Jio Website.

How to activate Jio Prime Offer :

Guys, just today the launch of Reliance Jio the Offer, such as in a day or two will find information Jio Prime Membership.
Offer Jio Website & Myjio App as soon as it comes on. In this post I will tell you information about it, 99 bucks then you can Activate the Jio Prime Offer by Recharge.


This post has been informed of Reliance Jio Prime Offer, by which you can Activate Happy New Year Offer is March 2018.
Hope you enjoy this post and will be helpful to you if you have any suggestions or questions about this post, you must comment to us.


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