How to make Laptop Mouse in Mobile? (How to make the phone a wireless mouse?)

Today I’m going to tell How to make Computer Mouse in Mobile ? or Mobile Computer / Laptop Mouse. You do not have to tell everyone, 2 things are very important to run the computer. Keyboard & Mouse If none of them existed then we could run Computer. But in the same way that the keyboard and mouse can run both together. In this case if your computer / laptop’s Mouse & Keyboard has gone bad, then the virtual keyboard will be found on the Laptop but you can not do the job of the mouse. If you have an Android Smartphone, then you can make it a mouse and how to make Android Phone to Mouse? It has been told about it here. So let’s see How to make Computer Mouse in Mobile?

How to Make a Computer Mouse in Mobile?

To make a Smartphone to Computer Wireless Mouse, you do not need to root any Hifi Technology or Android Phone. All you have to do is download it in a software computer and download an app, phone After that, following some basic steps you can make Mobile to Laptop Wireless Mouse. According to me, if someone asks you “How to make Computer Mouse in Mobile?” Then this is the best way for you. Because this method is very easy and works well with 100%.

How to Download App & Software for Mobile Mouse?

To make a Smartphone Mouse, you have to install 1 App Phone and in another Software Computer click here: Download Remote Mouse For PC & Android. After you open the website, the “Get Now” option will come when you click on it, as shown in the image.

Now here 2 steps will be found on a “Download Remote Mouse App” and the second “Install Remote Mouse Server On Your Computer”. From the earlier step, you can install the app in Phone (Android, iPhone, Windows) (Note: if you are an Android user, you can install the Play Store “Remote Mouse” app). From the second step you install its server in your computer.

How to convert phone to mouse?

After downloading and installing Software & App in both the computer and in the phone, just after you do some Basic settings you can use the phone as a mouse.

Step 1. First of all you have to turn on the phone’s Hotspot ON. By the way, almost all phones can be Direct ON from the Status Bar, but if your phone is not provided then you will get it in Setting in More Option.

Step 2. After Hotspot On the phone, connect it to WiFi with Computer.

Step 3. After connecting to the computer, you open the Phone Remote Mouse app. You will click on the name of your computer on it.

Step 4. After clicking, you will find some Instruction about the mouse running, you can swipe them Left click on “Got it”.

Step 5. Now on here you will get Mouse Pad and with it 2 Button will also be given. You can operate the mouse on your mobile via Finger. As the mouse of the original Laptop runs.

Hopefully the Trick How to make Computer Mouse in Mobile? you have understood and with this help you have got your Android Phone Convert in Computer Wireless Mouse. You can also use them to create a phone Wireless Keyboard like this. If you liked this trick, you must share it and if there is any question about it. So you must comment us.


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