How to Make Slow Motion Videos On Mobile?

Movies All of you must have seen a Fight, Slow Motion Videos Effect in Accident Scene, so if you want to record your own Slow Motion Video then you are very much the right place. Because here I will tell you about making Mobile Slow Motion Videos. For this you just have to spend 5MB of internet data, to download Slow Motion Videos App, you can make Slow Motion Video like Movie on your mobile phone in 1 minute. But before knowing What is the slow motion videos and How it works.

What is Slow Motion Video?

All of you will know that whatever videos are recorded from Camera, there is a record in the form of the image. Whenever you do the camera in Video Recording mode, it starts to image capture very fast and stores it in Store (30fps, 60fps). This process is so fast that we think that Image Move is happening or it is a video. In this way there are two ways to make Slow Motion Videos,

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Making Slow Motion Videos from Camera:

Many come in Camera Market with Slow Motion Effect delivered, such as Canon S100, Panasonic Lumix G6, Nikon J4 etc. You can record Direct Slow Motion Video from any such camera.

Making Slow Motion Videos from Software:

There are many Computer Video Editing Applications and Mobile Apps, with the help of which you can create Slow Motion video for Normal Recorded video. Here I have mentioned about making Mobile App se (Slow) Slow Motion Videos. If you have an Android phone then you can make your own slow motion video.

How to Make Slow Motion Videos :

There are so many apps on the Play Store that you can create Slow Motion videos but the best and most useful Slow Motion Video FX App. You can create slow motion by recording it directly or you can make slow motion videos by editing the store video in Mobile. Well the interface of this app is so easy that no one can use it without any help, but even then once you understand the process well, it will be easy for you.

Step 1. Download Slow Motion FX App from the play store and open it. Here you will get 2 options. Click on any one of these options.

  1. Slow Motion FX
  2. Start Slow Motion

Make Slow Motion Videos

Step 2. Here you will find 2 more options. If you want to convert video to slow motion by clicking on Direct Record, then you click on Record Movie and if you already have a video and you want to convert it to Slow Motion then click on select movie for this.

  1. Record Movie
  2. Choose Movie

Make Slow Motion Videos

Step 3. Now click on the video that you have selected from your camera or mobile, a Start Button will find.

Make Slow Motion Videos

Step 4. Now, there will be a message box open which will be written in Slow Motion Video for less than 1 value. Or, like the box open, let’s set the value set and click OK.

Make Slow Motion Videos

Step 5. After a short process, your Slow Motion Video will be created. You can check it by playing it.

Friends, here is the information that How to Make Slow Motion Videos ? If you want to make Slow Motion Videos from a mobile, then this is the easiest way through which you can put a movie like Slow Motion Effect on the video. There is a problem in Slow Motion Video FX App, if you use its Free version, there are many advertisements in it, there is a problem sometimes in making video, just the rest of the other features are the best and you like it as a Professional Editor Can use Comment below on your questions and suggestions about this tricks.


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