How To Open a Bank Account Online | Best Easy Method To Open Bank Account Without Going Bank

Friends .. State bank of India, PNB, Axis, ICICI, in any bank, if you have to open a new account, then it is necessary to go to the Bank Office. But today I will tell you about some of the Bank Services, without having to go to the Bank Office. From Mobile Open Bank Account can be done online.

If there is a need to open a bank account in India then it is very important for him / her to have an Address Proof of that place. Because SBI without Address Proof, PNB etc. Banks can not open an account. This means that if you live in another city from your State, City, Village, then such bank can not have a New Account Open.

I did not even know about this that we can not open Bank Account everywhere in the country. This thing came to me when I applied for a new bank account in the city far away from my city and after getting the Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, my application was rejected due to not being the address proof.

Actually at that time I needed a bank account because I did not have any bank account for Transaction, I tried a lot in the bank but without having the Address Proof Bank Account not Open. After that I started searching on Internet that How to Open Bank Account Online Without Going Bank ? And I got the answer from internet, Today I am going to tell you about this method so that if you are in a place like me in the future where you do not have the Address Proof, then this method can work for you.

Open Bank Account From Mobile ? How to open a Bank Account Online ?

All banks on the Internet have UPI Digital Apps & internet banking services. But there is no such service which can open without any address proof and open a new bank account without bank. When I first searched on the Internet, I found the way only. But at this time, I know about 3 banks, which can be opened Bank Account Online without going bank branch.

To open Bank Account Online from mobile, sit at home and send application from Mobile. Just need 2 things for this.

  • PAN Card Number
  • Aadhar Card Number

If you have both of these things, you can open an account in country any cities.

How to Open Account in DBS Bank ?

It is a Paperless Bank i.e. to open an account in it like Paper Documents is not required nor need to go to Bank Office.

Open a Bank Account Online

I have opened my own account in the DBS bank, if you have to open an account in this bank. So you have to download the DBS App from Play Store.

After downloading, simply request a new account by entering your name, email, phone number, PAN number. After the request is sent, an agent of DBS Bank will come for Fingerprint Verification and after that your account will be activated.

  • Once the account is active, you can take advantage of all these features.
  • With App you can apply for Debit Card and generate an ATM PIN manually.
  • Unlimited transaction of DBS ATM with no Transaction Charge can be done.
  • Internet Banking can be availed of.
  • All features like Mobile Recharge, UPI can be availed.
  • The DBS bank account is open on Zero Balance and does not have to pay a single rupee for its Debit Card or any service.

How to Open Account in RBL Bank

Also, like a DBS bank, a Digital Paperless Bank can also be opened without having to go to the Bank Mobile Se Bank Account. It also has all the features that are available in DBS bank. RBL Bank is an Indian bank with headquarters in Mumbai.

Open a Bank Account Online

Such as Free debit card and Unlimited Free ATM Transaction.

  • Mobile Phone Recharge, Bill Payment

The RBL Bank Account can also be opened by Official RBL App Download, through the name, phone number, email and PAN number, and after its verification, the account becomes active and you can use Online & Offline Transaction.

How to Open Account in Kotak 811 (Kotal Mahindra Bank) ?

All about Kotak 811 will be known, because its advertisement TV, Internet gets to see everywhere. This is a Digital Banking Branch of Kotak Bank, in which it has to pay the Charge to Open Account.

Open a Bank Account Online

But if you open account from mobile in this bank, then there are a lot of benefits, such as Check Book, Gift Card, Home Loans etc.

But if you only open Account and apply for Virtual Debit Card. Then you will not have to pay the charge and Zero balance account will open and it will also get 6% interest on the opened account.

In order to open Kotak 811 Account, you will need to Kotak 811 App Download in the mobile, followed by the Name, Email, PAN number, Application Request can be sent, after which the Account will become Active after the Agent Verification.

What is the advantage of Mobile Digital Banking ?

Friends ..! The biggest advantage of Mobile Digital Banking Service is that I can open a bank account in a country where there is a service available in the country. With this, if at any bank’s ATM Card, more than 3 times in the month of Bank Transaction is done, then on every transaction you have to pay Transaction charge of 20 or 23 rupees.

But if you open a Bank Account with Mobile Digital Banking, then no charge is paid on ATM Card Transaction, no matter how many transitions you make in the month.

The third advantage is to open the Bank from the Mobile App, to open the account, the Bank Account does not have to go. With this, if you lose your ATM, you can block it immediately from yourself and apply for a new ATM Card.

Friends ..! If you do not have any Address Proof in another city. So you can Open Bank Account Online Without Going Bank From Mobile and Issue an ATM Card. I have opened account in DBS Bank and it is a Digital Partner of ICICI Bank and now I like all of its services and if I like these three Banks. I like DBS Digi bank, the bank which you liked Written in Comment.


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