Friends, today I’m the one telling you about Reliance Jio SIM Scam Many people probably would have been a victim of Reliance Jio SIM Scam.


But if your Jio SIM has not yet, then this post read very carefully if you were stuck in the Reliance Jio SIM Scam. So maybe in Future Problem comes in a very large.
Today I am going to tell about the Scam, is not she Reliance Jio Company. Scams are the small operators (SIM seller). Scam and it only has to do with Reliance Jio, rest all SIM Operator (Airtel, Vodafone, Idea etc.) is also doing the same.
SIM operators all Users of earning little money to put in the big Problem. Jio SIM Free Services is nowadays, is becoming more and more Scam With so Jio SIM.


So let’s see how it’s going and how to avoid Reliance Jio SIM Scam.


Though Reliance Jio SIM Scam is everywhere, but where lack of Awareness in the logo. So much is going on there, more and more, such as a village, town, Small City.
I also have a village, so I found out about Reliance Jio SIM Scam.
Reliance Jio Operators Kyc without people taking some money or free-standing card Verification is providing the SIM card.
Now you might be thinking, Reliance Jio Online KYC Verification is then to take the SIM. How can this be if I tell you how to Online Verification without getting reliance jio sim.


As you will all know, Jio SIM free is to get in. So whenever a person is taking Jio SIM, so he does not see it her to take the SIM facing Just what that person in some way could be found to Sim sees it.
The Jio Operators, Users can take advantage of the same mistake twice KYC Verification made them take charge and activate the dual SIM.


Give it one SIM to another SIM card KYC Verification by the User without ID Proof of money is to sell it to someone else.
For Example- if you are taking your base Jio SIM card, then when it comes Time to take fingerprint. Jio SIM seller if you take twice Fingerprint Scan is able to turn and 2 SIM Activate on your Id.
If you happen to be, you can not imagine how big Problem in the Future you can come.


• Use your ID to activate SIM does no wrong, it can get you in Problem is, you may or may even lead to jail.
• Use your ground if there is no SIM card is Activated by. If your base card is full of detail, such as name, address, phone, depending on the card Register your base card of the person concerned may incorrectly Use.

RELIANCE JIO SIM SCAM how the survivors:

Scam like this in our country are able to, due to the lack of awareness of our people and the people here fear the people of the village and the small town of Bank Cashier’s own withdrawal points behind Sir-Sir roam.


To avoid all this, you have to be self-aware, like ..


Reliance Jio SIM when you should take, you can check the time of fingerprint for Verification Process. Detail Show is the basis of your Card, you may not re-Fingerprint.


Reliance Jio Customer Care by calling to ask, how many of your Id Jio SIM Activate. Beyond is a SIM activate your information. So close to him said,


Use your ID Proof of not taking any time by someone else’s SIM, because if you do that. Problem two is that you can in the office.


• Trai (Telecom Regulatory Authority Of India) So as a person can only 9 SIM Activate Id So if you take someone else’s SIM. This will reduce the limit for you.

• Whoever your Sim to have your ID. SIM is lost and there’s wrong if he said that the works for Use. Problem is, you can come in.Latest post> How to make Windows,Apple,BlackBerry Apps for Free.

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Guys, this is mentioned in the post about Reliance Jio SIM Scam is if you wish to avoid this. If you must read this post and to avoid such things happen Aware.


Hope you enjoy this post and I will have to Helpful for you any suggestions or questions about this post, you must comment to us.


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