Friends, Reliance Jio Prime Tariff Plan has arrived and today is Prime Membership Activation Start also. Today I am going to give you this information.


Prime Membership Join If you want, you better read this article and have given all of Tips to Use.


As I told you about Jio Prime Offer  you first have to Recharge of Rs 99 each Month 303 then go to Recharge the 30GB 4G Data and Unlimited Free National Calls & SMS you get.
Recharge of Rs 303 was too expensive was the logo, keeping the mind. Jio Reliance Jio Prime Tariff Plan launched a new So let’s see …

Reliance Jio prime tariff plans:

Reliance Jio Prime Tariff Plan Tariff plan will get you 2-way. Plan for both the Local, STD, Roaming, SMS Unlimited Free will.

1.Basic Tariff Plan
2.Add ON Tariff Plan


Plan to meet the Basic Tariff Plan 7, which is based on Validity Recharge them. Prime Membership join after you do any of the following is not a Recharge Plan Use.

• 149: 2GB 4G Data For 28 Day & Unlimited 2G data

• 303: 28GB 4G Data For 28 Day (1grb / DE) & Unlimited 2G data
• 499: 56GB 4G Data For 28 Day (2grb / DE) & Unlimited 2G data

• 999: 60GB 4G Data For 60 Day & Unlimited 2G data
• 1999: 125GB 4G Data For 90 Day & Unlimited 2G data
• 4999: 350GB 4G Data For 180 Day & Unlimited 2G data
• 9999: 750GB 4G Data For 360 Day & Unlimited 2G data


Add ON Tariff Plan Recharge pack you will get smaller. So, if your Basic Plan was finished, then add On tariff Plan Recharge the help you can.

• 11: 100MB 4G data
• 51: 1GB 4G data
• 91: 2GB 4G data
• 201: 5GB 4G data
• 301: 10GB 4G data


Reliance Jio Prime Tariff Plan about hoping you will have to understand all this talk Jio Prime Membership How to join:


How to join Prime Membership:


Jio Prime Membership, you will have Rs 99 Recharge Recharge and you will have Online. Use of this, you can MyJio App.
Step 1: First you should MyJio App Open and Jio Prime Option Select. (Note: If you have not Update to your MyJio App, you Jio Prime Show the Option will not).


Step 2: Now you will have two Option Show,

Get Jio Prime

Gift Jio Prime


Prime Membership Register for your Number if you are, you can click Get Jio Prime or if you want to Recharge Your Friend’s, you click on Gift Jio Prime.


Note: Jio Prime Membership Join Website you can also Use. Just when you Website Quick Pay will go on and there will have to be selected by clicking on the Recharge option.




Friends This post has been reported about Reliance Jio Prime Tariff Plan is mentioned with it. How to Activate the Jio Prime Membership.
Jio Prime Membership Join If you want, you can Join the March 31, 2017.
Hope you enjoy this post and I will have to Helpful for you about this post you have any questions or suggestions. If you must comment to us..


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