Hello friends, Reset or Root is already a challenge for us, and most people have a problem repairing mi phone hard reset or Xiaomi mobile factory. Today I’m going to tell you a few easy ways to reset Xiaomi / Redmi Phones.

Anyone with Xiaomi, Mi or Redmi phones can be hard reset, Factory reset. It will also talk about the benefits of Mobile Phone Safe Mode and Safe Mode. These Tips related to Mi Smartphone are very important and useful for every Xiaomi users,

How to reset Xiaomi / Redmi Phones?

Xiaomi, Mi and Redmi have launched a Smartphone launch of 15 to 20 Models, and all of them are Popular Phone, in their Price Range, the specifications of Mi’s phones are much better than any other phone specification.

Except the Xiaomi Mi A1 Smartphone, the MIUI UI is found in the rest of the phone and only the Android Stock UI is found in Mi A1. But there is a similar way to reset all the phones of Mi (Excluding Android Oreo Version) to Reset, Hard Reset or Factory reset. That is, if I have Redmi Note 3 then I can also reset it like Redmi note 4.

How do Xiaomi / Redmi Phone Reset (Up to android nougat)?

The Redmi’s Phone is now with Lollipop, Marshmallow or Nougat, Android and all of them are User Interface of MIUI. The way to reset them all is the same and the easiest way to reset it is given here.

The easiest way to reset a phone is by visiting the phone setting and resetting the phone with the help of the UI or factory reset. But one thing to note is, whenever we do Factory reset phone, Save all data, Media Files and Apps in Phone’s Internal Storage gets deleted or deleted. So whenever you think of resetting the phone, save all the important data in advance,

In order to Factory Reset for Phones of Redmi Android Nougat or below, first you have to go to the Phone’s Additional Setting (Not Mi Setting) and click on the Factory Reset Option.

Reset Xiaomi and Redmi phones

Factory Reset is also called Master Reset, if we factory repair on a phone then all the data of that phone gets deleted and the phone comes to its Default Stage. So, as soon as we click on the Factory Reset Option. So we have to select Erase Store Content.

Reset Xiaomi and Redmi phones

After selecting the Erase Store Content option, our Phone Factory is ready to reset and we can reset Redmi Phone by clicking Reset Phone option. But it is very important to know the phone’s password.

As soon as we click on Reset Phone, we have to enter most phone Lock Screen Pass code. Then click on Next.

After clicking Next we have to enter the password of the Mi Account, which we have created while setting up the Phone Account. If the Mi Account Password is not known, then it will have to re-generate the Mi Account Password.

After entering the Mi Password, we have a confirmation message. By clicking on the Erase option, we can start the phone’s Reset Process and after some time our phone’s complete information is reset.

How to do Xiaomi / Redmi Phone Reset (android Oreo)?

Xiaomi Mi A1 is launched with Google One Stock UI, its UI is different from any Xiaomi’s Phone. With this, just a quick update of the latest OS Oreo 8.0 on mi a1 has been installed and its setting is different from any other OS.

This means that the Android Oreo 8.0-m1 a1 can not be reset to redmi like other phones because its setting does not have any Additional Setting or Backup & Restore option. I just updated my Mi A1 Phone Android Oreo.

The version that has been done is not Stable Version, it has many bugs. Such as the Bluetooth Auto-enabled Problem, Call Notification Problem etc. Because of which I am having a lot of problems. For this, I started searching the reset option in Setting so that I could go back to the old state. If this is happening to you, you can reset the Mi a1 phone by looking at these steps.

Most phones go to Setting and then go to the System option at the bottom.

Reset Xiaomi and Redmi phones

In the System option, there will be two different options of Backup and Reset, if you have to take a backup of Current Setting, then first click on the Backup option and then click on the Reset option.

Reset Xiaomi and Redmi phones

Reset Setting has 3 options,

  1. Network Setting reset
  2. Reset App Preferences
  3. Factory Data reset

Using the first 2 option can be reset to a particular setting and can change the Complete Setting from Factory data reset and we also have to choose the same option.

Reset Xiaomi and Redmi phones

After selecting the 3rd option, click on Reset Phone option.

Reset Xiaomi and Redmi phones

Now here is the Lock Screen Password to enter, after which the factory reset process starts and after some time the process is complete and the phone is completely reset.

Reset Xiaomi and Redmi phones

Friends, this is the easiest way to reset Xiaomi / Redmi Phones, but before making a Smartphone reset, you must make a backup of all important and useful data and store it on any other mobile, Gmail.

How to do Mi / Redmi / Xiaomi Phones Hard Reset?

Hard Reset is also a kind of Master Reset. This way also, the Mi Phone hard reset can be reset to Master and all data and users can be removed. Hard reset does not need to unlock the phone and it is the best phone reset trick for that time, now we forget the phone’s Lock Screen Password.

To reset the Smartphone Device to any of the Mi / Redmi / Xiaomi, this is some Basic Tips & Steps. To use Redmi Phone hard reset,

  • To hard reset, first the phone has to switch off.
  • After the Phone Switch Off, Volume Key + Power Button has to be pressed.
  • After a brief period of Volume Key and Power Button Press, the Mi Logo Screen is displayed. After that the button has to be dropped.
  • From here, use the Volume Key to reach the English Option and select that option from Power Button.
  • After this, again with the help of Volume Key and Power Key, select the Wipe Reset option.
  • Wipe reset will then use Volume and Power key to select Wipe All Data, and then yes by selecting Hard Reaction process can be started. After some time this process will be complete and will be restarted after phone reset.
  • The most problem comes when Mi Phone Reset comes in, related to the Mi Account, because most users do not know about it. If there is such a problem with you then you just have to take care of these steps.
  • Mi Account is set up. When we set up a Startup by launching Mi Phone, for the first time.
  • Most Mi Account’s password is our Gmail password. So whenever Xiaomi calls the phone again and asks about the Mi account, we must enter a Gmail password once.
  • If there is no information about Mi Account Password, then before opening the Redmi Phone, open the Mi App or Website and by entering the Gmail address or phone number, click on Forget Password and set a new password.

Friends, if any problem or error is coming while reset Xiaomi / Mi / redmi phones. So please comment below.


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