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Hello friends, who will also be buying Jio Phone, it will be very reminiscent of WhatsApp. Because there is no WhatsApp support in JioPhone and in such a way if you are searching on Internet that How to run WhatsApp in JioPhone? So I have the answer. I’ve done a way to find out that WhatsApp service can be used in Jio Phone.

You all know that Jiophone is a 4G phone with a basic feature in which the Android Operating System has introduced the KaiOS operating system.

“KaiOS is a mobile operating system that is based on HTML-5 Firefox OS. The feature of this OS is that it supports the App based on 4G Network, Wifi, GPS and HTML-5. KaiOS is specially designed for long battery life and non-touch devices. From which its biggest example is Reliance JioPhone “

So far the WhatsApp feature has not been added in KaiOS and therefore jio phone does not get used to using WhatsApp and neither Jio phone can be downloaded from Kaios Store to WhatsApp Jio Phone. There is only one way out of which Help is 90% Chance, so we can use Jio Phone for WhatsApp Messenger.

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How to play WhatsApp in JioPhone?

A feature phone in Jiophone offers more features and functions. Such as .. 4G Network, Jio Apps and some popular social networking apps like Facebook with it also get. Which makes the phone even better. With this, Jio 4G CDMA SIM is also available in jiophone and if we want, Jiophone can connect to Direct TV via HDMI Cable and can view JioCinema, JioTV like TV in the TV.

But today’s most used messaging app is not available in WhatsApp support jio phone. In today’s India, WhatsApp has become the Essantial Mobile App of WhatsApp at one time for all users, so no users know without living WhatsApp.

Due to not being a JioPhone Me WhatsApp Support, many people have not bought or bought phones or those of me who have purchased the phone have to use some WhatsApp supported android phone. Because of which, their expenditure becomes double.

The Trick I’ve told about WhatsApp on JioPhone is a bit different. But before that we know about an important question related to it.

Can WhatsApp Download in JioPhone?

There are millions of queries on the Internet that “how to download whatsapp in jio phone?” And when Jio launched its feature, at that time it was in the news trend that whether or not the Jiophone me can use WhatsApp,

It was also stated in many articles that Jio has said. The WhatsApp app will be added quickly in the phone and it can be used by any jio use download. But nothing has happened so far and according to me, maybe not even this further, that means we can not download JioPhone Me WhatsApp and can not use WhatsApp directly through the App.

Jio Mobile me can be used for WhatsApp, but its method is somewhat difficult and it can be used only by 6 out of 10 people.

How to Use Whatsapp in JioPhone:

We can not install the app in Jiophone, so we only have one way left to use WhatsApp to “WhatsApp Web“,

But WhatsApp does not work in Web Service Mobile and whenever we open WhatsApp Web in Mobile Broswer, its website redirects us to direct app download. In such a way through WhatsApp Web also we can not use JioPhone me WhatsApp.

I searched about it on Internet then I came to know about a website through which we can customize the WhatsApp web so that we can open it in the mobile browser and also use the WhatsApp Messeging App in Jio Phone can do,

There is a website named “Browserling” which provides WhatsApp on jio phone service. But it has some of its requirements. for example..

  • To run WhatsApp in jiophone, it is important to have a mobile phone in which WhatsApp is installed.
  • For this, WhatsApp can be used till then, as long as the Internet service on the other phone is done.
  • Without Browserling, you can neither download WhatsApp in JioPhone nor create account from Jio Phone with Jio CDMA Number.
  • If you have approved all these conditions, then you can enjoy whatsapp in JioPhone by following these steps.

First of all, the browser must open the browser and in the browser it will need to open https://www.browserling.com/the website (jo phone can be opened directly by pressing the 0 button long).

After opening the website, there will be a 2 option for scrolling down a bit,

  • Buy Rs. 19 month pass
  • Use for free(lottery)

From this we have to click on Use for free option and wait 12 second.


After 12 seconds, a WhatsApp link will be generated by the name “Click Here”, we have to click on this link and go to Next Step.


After clicking on the link, WhatsApp will be on and we will see a big QR Code on the screen of Jio Phone,


Now we have to go to our second phone, where WhatsApp is Installed. From here we have to open the WhatsApp and click on the given 3 dot line on the right side uper corner.


After clicking on the line, the option of WhatsApp Web will be clicked.


After clicking on the WhatsApp Web, a QR Code scanner will be used, which we have to scan the QR code being shown on Jio phone.


Code Scan, Jiophone me WhatsApp will start, and now we can send messages to anyone from the phone.


Friends, this is the only way in which the help of Jiophone me WhatsApp can be used. As there is no such update yet so we can download & install WhatsApp App in KoiOS. If there is any such method, then we will update about it. Until then, you have to use WhatsApp from the same Trick in Jio Mobile.


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