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Friends, bloggers have to pay a lot of attention together, such as Content Strategy, Keywords, Alexa Rank, Onpage SEO etc. In such a way, manually managing all of them is a bit daunting task. As a blogger, we need Blogging Tools to manage all of your blog’s activity.

Who can help us run the blog correctly, so today we are going to talk about Top 5 Best Free Tools for Bloggers. Which is free and we can use them without the Downloaded Chrome Browser.

I use all of these tools and I get a lot of help from them, in understanding the SEO and search ranking activity, let’s know about it in a little bit more detail.

Top 5 Best Free Tools for Bloggers:

Many SEO & Internet Marketing Tools are available for Blogger. From which these are the five best tools that are provided by the top most SEO companies and are absolutely free.

  1. Alexa Traffic Toolbar
  2. Google Publisher Toolbar
  3. Keyword Everywhere
  4. SEOQuacke
  5. Google Lighthouse

Alexa Traffic Toolbar:

Whether Alexa has any meaning for anyone or not, but Alexa is very important for bloggers. As soon as the bloggers listen to Alexa, they think of website ranking.

If you talk about Alexa, then this is a company of Amazon E-commerce, which is the most famous for Website Ranking and at this time Alexa Ranking is used in the blogger community as standard. Well its website is also called where we can get information about the ranking of any website.

But Alexa Traffic toolbar can get information about website, with its website, Speed, Past version, Search Analytics as well as a website similar to that website.

Chrome Extension

Google Publisher Toolbar:

Google is always launching Helpful tools and services for our publishers like bloggers like us. Such as Adsense, Google Analytics etc.

There are many Google services for the publisher who has gone and we have to open separate URLs to access them. That’s why Google developers launched a free tool so that we could access all services related to Google Publisher together.

The name of this tool is, Google Publisher Toolbar

All we have to do is add it to our browser as an extension from the Chrome Web Store. After that, we can enable adsense and analytics features from this tool and whenever we have to see Traffic or Income of our website, we can see Direct from here.

Chrome Extension

Keyword Everywhere:

I do not have to tell about Keyword importance, we all use Unique and High CPC Keywords to rank your blog post.

There are many tools to do Keyword research, but most of them are paid. If we have to do best keyword research from a website such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Moz, then our best FREE Tool is Keyword Everywhere.

All we have to do is go to its website and install Chrome extension after that there will be an API key on our Mail address and must be used to verify. Then our tool will become active and we can do a free keyword research from any website.

Chrome Extension


This is the most popular and best Best SEO tool in the list of Bloggers Ke Liye Top 5 Best Free Tools. About that many of us know Blogger.

This tool has been created by SEMrush, a popular Digital Marketing Web Service provider, and we get information about Website Ranking, Indexing, Crawling, Domain Age, Backlinks and On Page SEO Audit, which are also absolutely FREE.

To use this tool we just have to install the SEOQuacke Chrome Extension after that this tool becomes active and add to the bar on our Chrome browser header and whenever we open a website, Find complete information about.

Chrome Extension

Google Lighthouse:

What is Google Lighthouse? We talked about it earlier, it has been launched by Google developers, the website auditing tool. With the help of which we can get complete information about the Website’s SEO, Code and Design.

After the Install Google Light Chrome extension, we can audit any website and with this help we can know about Website SEO, performance, Speed ​​and reliability and then fix all on-page problems associated with the website. Can do it.

Friends, this is Top 5 Best Free Tools for Bloggers, if they are asked who is the best of them. It will be difficult to tell us because every SEO Tool has its own unique feature and it is the best in them. But I would personally recommend SEOQuacke. Because this tool gives us the feature of both Alexa and Lighthouse. Which of the top 5 SEO Chrome Extensions did you find the best, and why? You can tell about it in the comment.


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