2018 Best Phones List

Hello friends, every year, there are so many Smartphone launches every month that we do not understand which phone we buy and who is better than our budget. I have created a Smartphone List, such as Top 5 Killer Smartphones 2018 which is based on the top rated list on the basis of User Review and Performance.

We always talk about Budget Mobile Phones, so here are the top 5 Killer Smartphones 2018, all of which is under 20000 Price Range. There is also a reason of this, our country has the highest under 10000, 15000 and 20000 Phone sale, hence the competition is more in such phones, and also the Smartphone compenies also do mobile launches in this budget.

Top 5 Killer Smartphones Under 20000 2018:

If we talk about the best phone then we only see the RAM. While the best Smartphone is that all the Spcs are better along with Processor, RAM, Display, Battery and Price. So far, Redmi Note 3 was a phone that everyone liked, after which there was no phone that every customer likes.

All the fonts I told about here are not all Perfect Smartphones, but better and successful in making your place in the 2018 top rated smartphone. So let’s see …

1. Redmi Note 5 Pro:

I like this phone personally, people who have spoken about it, Xiaomi have designed the Apple iPhone X design. But it’s best in both design and specification. In this phone we get 6GB and 4GB RAM and together Snapdragon 336 Octa processor, which will give the best performance according to its 5.99 Inch Full HD Display and 4000mAh Battery.

The design of this phone is not less than any 50000 price Smartphone, while its price is only 14,000 and 16,000 rupees. But this is the biggest problem of Smartphone that we can buy from Flipkart and MI website only on Flash Sale. Which does not get that fast. If you find this, you can buy it for Rs 20,000 in the form of Value For Money Product.

Killer Smartphones
Redmi note 5 pro Back Side

2 . Honor 9i:

This is the most different phone in the list of Top 5 Killer Smartphones 2018, in which we do not get a Dual camera and two full Dual camera. 2 rear and 2 front, if anybody can not get Redmi Note 5 pro Book. So this could be the second best Choice for us.

In Honor 9i, we will get 4GB of RAM and 64GB ROM, with a 2.36GHz Octa Core processor. Which makes this phone’s performance better. In the phone, we get 16 and 13MP rear and front camera and together with 2MP support Dual Camera, which is best for Portrait Mode Photo.

Speaking of Price, this time it is priced at Rs 19,849 on Flipkart and if you buy offline from this Local Mobile Shop then you may get less than this phone online.

Killer Smartphones
Image Credit:Amazon.in

3. Redmi Note 5:

There are many customers who do not mean Dual Camera, they just need a Smartphone that has the same camera but the best and the phone’s performance is good.

Who is not in the bar of Redmi Note 4 is one of the best-selling phones in 2017. This time Mi launched its new version Redmi Note 5, if the Dual Camera feature is removed from this phone, then everything else is similar to Feature Pro.

The best part is that this phone can be easily usable in online flash sale, with Rs. Can get Rs 11,999.

4. Honor 7x:

This time we have added a Smartphone of Honor to the Top 5 Killer Smartphones 2018 List. If you are looking for a best device for Rs 20,000 inwards. So this Smartphone can meet all your requirements.

In this Smartphone with 5.93Inch Full HD Display we get 2 Camera 2 rear and 1 front Camera and together Octa Core processor. The price of this Smartphone is 13000 and 15,500, but the price may be even lower if it is purchased from the Offline Market. As I said no phone is perfect, I found 2 decreases in it,

Killer Smartphones

One of the support Dual Camera with its front and rear is only 2MP and we get 3340mAh Battery in it. But I have seen this using the phone, its performance is better, and if you have to buy it then online atleast will be better for you as offline you may get a slight price negotiation.


5. Moto G5s:

Like the Moto G5 Plus, customers also liked it too. In this we do not get Dual Camera but its feature is not less than any smartphone under Rs 15000. In Moto Gs, we get 4GB of RAM and 32GB internal storage with 16MP Rear Camera and 5MP Front Camera.

If you have to buy a phone in a budget of 13000 rupees then this can be a better option for you. All except for its 430 Snapdragon Processor, the feature is good. Most of the people have purchased this so far, the review of most of the people has been good.

Friends, this is Top 5 Killer Smartphones 2018 which is better than the User Review. If you have to buy a phone from it, you can buy them without any problems. But now there is another question in our mind that we have to buy a phone only, so how do we select the best of them.

If I tell myself, I think the best Redmi Note 5 Pro is in the list of top rated smartphones and I am trying to buy use only. The reason for this is that I have told about the number of phones that I have here, according to my price, the best feature is in this phone. Honor 9i is also good but its price seems more to me. Write down the comment about any phone you like.


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