How to Create a Google Play Console Account? You will have seen this question very often at all Social Networking Websites. Today we will talk about how you can publish an app by creating a Play Store account.

Android App Development is very easy today, I have told a lot of ways about it. Anyone from Coding or Without coding can develop android app. But publishing on the Developed App Play Store is a bit difficult. Because the play store developer console is paid service and google charges it to all developers.

What is Google Play Console?

All the websites and services on the Internet are made for all three things,

  • Client
  • Advertiser
  • Publisher

Google Play Services Client is a logo that downloads apps from the App Store and advertiser is those people. Who promote their product on Google Play. App Publisher is the people who build an app and upload apps to the Play Store with the help of Google Play Console.

That is Google Play Console, a Medium for Publisher and Google Play Store. With the help of which Publisher or Developer can upload their own App to the Play Store.

How to create a Google Play Console account?

You must have Google Developer accounts to publish an app to the Play Store and as I said the Play Console developer account is paid. If you create a Publisher account, then you will have to pay 25 US Dollar (about 1623 rupees Charge). This is a one-time registration fee, you only have to pay a barr and your publisher account will be created for Lifetime.

Step 1. First you open the Google Play Developer website.

Step 2. After you open Google Play Developer Console, read Google Developer Distribution Agreement and click on check box to continue to payment.

Upload Apps

Step 3. Now you pay 25 USD as a Google Developer Registration fee by Credit / Debit Card from here.

Upload Apps

Step 4. After Payment is completed click on Continue Registration.

Upload Apps

Step 5. Now you can set up google play developer account by entering Developer Profile.

Upload Apps

Step 6. After completing the registration you enter the google play console dashboard and your entire android app will be set up in the Developer account.

Upload Apps

How to Upload Apps on Google Play Store ?

After the account is setup, there will be some such Google play console app developer dashboard. Where mainly these four options will show.

  • Publish a android app on google play
  • Use google play game services
  • Are you working in a team
  • If you are planning to create an app or in-app products

With these four options there are many other options that you can use. Such as creating an app with the help of the Google android developer console, monetize the app and select the payment method. If you have an interest in android app development then you can create a publisher account on google play and upload your app to the Google Play Store with the help of a google play option.

Friends, there are many such features in the Google play console, which can enhance your skills. If any of your apps become viral then you can do the job without hard work of sitting in the house. I think the best feature in Google Play Developer is that it only has to be paid once and the account gets forever. Hope All of you have come to know How to create a Google play store Publisher account and How to Upload Apps on Google Play Store ?


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