What is a Computer Motherboard and How to choose the correct Motherboard for Computer?

If you use Desktop Computer, you will be familiar with Computer Motherboard. But if you do not know about it then today I will tell you what is the Computer Motherboard. How to work and how it works (Type of Motherboard)? Most people do not pay much attention to Computer Motherboard. But the most important part of any computer is its motherboard or understand that all the work of the computer is dependent on it. Now for more information about how the PC would depend on the motherboard, let’s look at what is Computer Motherboard?.

What is Motherboard?

This is a Printed Electronic Circuit Board, also called the Main Board or System Board. Connects all part of Motherboard Computer (Power Supply, CPU, PCI, RAM) among themselves. If it is talked about its design, it is a plastic card that has the layer of Aluminum and Copper climbing. With this, millions of small chips, ports, are mounted on the motherboard.motherboardMotherboard’s Parts:
Motherboard would consist of thousands of parts, including Processor, RAM & Power Supply. Understand that in addition to the Hard Disk, Fan and DVD Drive in the CPU, everything is felt in the motherboard itself. From which some main parts are as follows ..

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Power Supply: The most important thing for any computer to run is Power, because without it nothing can happen. Power Connector with Motherboard’s Right Side 20-24 PIN is provided. This is the power supply in the entire computer and it is also seen how much power is to give Chip or Port.computer motherboard

BIOS Chip & CMOS Battery: The BIOS Chip introduces the Boot Process Start of Operating System. To start the process, it requires extra and constant power. Therefore it is also equipped with a battery called CMOS & BIOS Battery. There is also more use of this battery such as System Time & Date Maintain and resetting the Boot Master Password.computer motherboard

Processor Socket: In this, Computer Processor (Inter i3, i5 Processor) is installed, it is a computer’s brain, so it is installed in the center.computer motherboard

Memory Slot: Every computer has different memory slots before the DDR slot used to be in the old computer but now it comes with DDR3 slot and DDR4, which is fitted with 2 in the right side of the motherboard. When you are going to take a new motherboard, check that which memory slot is installed.computer motherboard

Northbridge & Southbridge:
The Motherboard has been divided in two parts, Northbridge and Southbridge, Northbridge Memory, PCI Slot, and Southbridge Processor manage the Network Card.computer motherboard

Ports: PS2 (Mouse & Keyboard), USB Ports, RJ-45 for port LAN (Ethernet), 9PIN Serial Port, VGA Port, MIDI Port, Audio port.computer motherboard

Type of Motherboard:
Motherboard changes with time and design Right now, many Advance Motherboards are coming in this time, many portable things are also involved. But before that if you had bought a motherboard, then you could have made some changes in it, if you wanted something extra or new, then you have to take a new motherboard and on this basis the motherboard is divided into 2 ways.

AT & ATX came before AT Motherboard 90’s, but after 90s, they stopped being used and after that the ATX motherboards started coming. Sometimes you hear the name of the BTX Motherboard, this is also a type of motherboard but I do not know much about it, you can find out about it from the internet.

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How To Choose The Right Motherboard For Computer:
In Laptop, it is fine that you will find these things, but for desktop computers, you can select motherboard according to how many port you want, RAM slot, PCI, Expansion Slot. There are some basic tips for this, so that you can choose the right motherboard.

Before buying a computer, decide what you are taking for computer and what features you need in it. (Eg- if you are taking a Gaming Purpose with PCI slot).

After that, you should know on the internet what is the Motherboard? And for the work you want to buy the computer, who is the Best Motherboard and also check the review of the people on YouTube. After that you will be able to make the right choice of Motherboard and buy a motherboard for Value for money.

Friends, here I have told that about What is Motherboard and Type of Motherboard, hopefully you have got some Idea about Motherboard Slot, Port. If there is any question or suggestion related to the topic, then you can comment below.


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