What is Instamojo Payment Gateway

Hello friends, do you know What is Instamojo ?, if the answer is no. So you have the right place today. Today we will learn about a new Internet technology. How can we create our own instamojo account and this can help us earn money from internet.

We all know about a lot of payment gateways like Paypal, Paytm. By using these, we can make a payment for a product or services. But today we will learn about a Payment Collection System. With the help of which we can get payment from another.

Here we first know What is Instamojo ? And What is the use of Instamojo, After that we will talk about how we can all create this account and how to use it to make money.

What is Instamojo ?

Instamojo’s best feature is an India based company, which works as a Payment Collection for all kind of online product sales. That is Instamojo’s Digital Payment System and Store. By using that we can sell the product online and earn online income.

It is similar to the National Level, such as the PayPal Payment gateway for international payments. India’s largest companies, Blogger (Harsh Agrawal), Digital Marketer, Sellers Instamojo, and through this, sell their books online to products.

It may sound very normal to hear but it is very different from any other payment gateway. From Instamojo Online Store, we can open one of our e-commerce stores, without any help, we can create it by ourselves.

To open an online store, just follow us 3 Steps,

  1. All we have to do is create an account from any email address.
  2. Cover is to set name on the store.
  3. After that our store gets ready.What is Instamojo

Here, we will get information from Instruction about Instamojo Account Setup with one step each and set up an Online Store yourself. With this we will know that it has to pay some Charge.

How to create an Instamojo Account?

On Instamojo we can setup Account of Personal and Business Level. For this we should have an Email ID, Phone Number, and a PAN Card with which we can easily create an account. Like I did …

First of all we have to open the instamojo official website and after that here we will get 2 option.

Open Instamojo’s Website from here – SHUBHAMKUSHWAHA5887

  • Merchant
  • Buyer

We have to do some product sale from Instamojo, so we will choose Merchant option and enter your email address and a password.

What is Instamojo

Now we have to enter our mobile number and it must be verified by OTP.

What is Instamojo

After signing up, we have to set a Username. For that, we can choose any of the names of our choice and check availability by clicking Check Availability and then if the user is available then setup will be done.

What is Instamojo

After setting up UserName, we have to enter our PAN card number, name and address, and if we are a GST holder in the below option, then yes or so, we have to go to Next Step.

What is Instamojo

After registering PAN card details, we have to enter our bank details. For this, we have to enter Bank Account Number, IFSC Code and Account Holder Name.

After completing this process, our instamojo account setup will be completed and we will enter our Dashboard.

What is Instamojo

What are the benefits of Instamojo Account?

Whenever we use any Online Payment or Income Source, we want to know how much money we need to pay for Account Setup, Transaction Charges, and what payment method can be used and what we can do Will benefit.

Instamojo Initial Setup is absolutely free. We will not have to pay any charges for this nor do we have to pay any Charge for its maintenance.

  • To use Credit & Debit Card, Netbanking or UPI Services, 2% + 3 is payable per one sale.
  • Through this App, we can use services such as Affiliate Program and Message.
  • Here we can upload any of our products and sell it through Instamojo.
  • We can prepare discount code for any product.

How to Sell Product & Services at Instamojo?

I do not think there is any other better system in the Indian market, which can replace its services. Here we find many ways of selling Product and Services.

If we have one item, then we can add it to the Direct product and sell it.

If we have many physical or digital products, then we can build our own online store and sell our products from there.

For this we need to login in our Instamojo Dashboard and get 2 options here.

What is Instamojo

  1. Payments Link
  2. Product & Store

If we have to collect payments from anyone, then just click on Payment Link and set up Payment Detail. After that, we will get a link from Instamojo and by sharing that link we can get any payment from anyone.

What is Instamojo

If we have to sell any books or any digital or physical product, then we can list the product through Instamojo Product Store and set its price, specification and can sell online product from the same.

What is Instamojo

Friends, What is Instamojo ? And how to use it. We should have information about it. After joining the internet, if you have to make a good Influencer and make money by selling the product then it can be a better option for us. We will also talk about how to sell product on it and how can we get benefit from it, compared to any other market. If you have any ideas, please share in the comments.


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