Friends, today I have given you a file system technology about which you all probably know. In such a case, if you have a computer system or you are interested in knowing about related things from computer, then this article is for you, because in it I am going to tell you. NTFS & FAT32 File System & How to Convert FAT32 to NTFS.


All of you have seen NTFS & FAT32 in all storage devices.Like Hard Disk, Pen Drive, SD Card.
But very few of you would have thought, this is what both are used for and what else. If you do not know, then you do not have to worry.


Because today I will tell you in detail about NTFS & FAT32 File System, and I will also tell you which file system is best.


Both NTFS (File Technology) and File Allocation Table are both Specially used in Windows OS,which is a file system that organizes Storage Data.These two file systems have been created by Microsoft.
NTFS & FAT32 is used for both File System Storage, NTFS provides the feature of Encryption & Auto Repair. However, no such feature is available in FAT32.




Features of NTFS:

• Storage Partition Upto 2TB
• Auto Repair Technology
• Data Encryption


Feature of FAT32:

• Storage Partition Upto 4GB

• Pre-Installed on any USB Key


Fault Tolerance: NTFS File System Fault Tolerance is a feature that means that if a file is corrupt or power is failure then NTFS repair itself by data. While no such feature is available in FAT32.
Storage Partition: FAT32 is the biggest Failure, only you can partition to 4GB. In NTFS, you can do the Disk Partition by 2TB.


Storage Consumption: If you store any file in FAT32 Disk, then that file consume more storage. While it is very low in NTFS.


For example- If you save a 10MB file to FAT32 Storage, then it consume about 11MB of storage. But in NTFS it stores only 10.21 MB.


OS Installation: can install OS in both types of files. But NTFS is the best for OS installation. Because the feature of Auto Repair is available in it.



Friends, as I said in FAT32, you can not send more than 4GB Data Send or Receive. While in NTFS, you can send or receive data up to about 2TB.
All of you probably know, all the Flash Drive & hard drives come with the FAT32 File System. So in such a situation if you have to transfer data of more than 4GB in the bar then you may have a problem.
But if you convert your hard disk and flash disk into NTFS then you can avoid this problem. In this case, if you want to convert from FAT32 into NTFS, then you follow the step given below.


Step 1: First you go to My Computer and note the name of that disk. Which you want to convert to NTFS.Such as Local Disk (D :).


Step 2: Now you can open the cmd type in the Search bar and go to the Disk Directory (if you have to do D drive from FAT32 to NTFS, then enter D: Type on cmd)


Step 3: Now to check the error of the disk, type cmd in cmd and enter chkdsk. (Is the name of d-Disk).


Step 4: To convert disk from FAT32 to NTFS, type cmd on the Convert D: / fs: NTFS.


Step 5: Now the conversion process will start and after some time the process will complete. After that you can check the properties of Disk.

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Friends, this post has been told what is the NTFS & FAT32 File System, along with the conversion trick from FAT32 to NTFS.
Hopefully, this post would have liked you all and you have been helpful for everyone. If you have any questions or suggestions about this post, then you must comment.


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