WhatsApp Recall Feature Latest update has arrived. WhatsApp Developer Team From many days WhatsApp was the name of Whatsapp recall message, wanted to add a new feature feature in WhatsApp, it came about very recently on the WhatsApp Blog. But WhatsApp has given a lot of time after finally giving the whatsapp recall message feature updates.

The WhatsApp Developer team is working on a lot of new projects, and in the future WhatsApp users can get a lot of new look in WhatsApp Messenger. Just a few days before the WhatsApp Business Apk was leaked and on the WhatsApp blog it also came updates about it.

What is the WhatsApp Recall feature?

Sometimes By Mistake The message to be sent to someone else gets sent to someone else. So there was no such feature in WhatsApp that you could delete by mistake send message. But WhatsApp Beta Info. According to the report, the WhatsApp recall message feature has now been updated for Windows, iOS and Android Triple Platform.

In such a way, if someone is sent by Somebody to send some message, then Users will delete the message within some Time-Period, then they will not be sent to Message. WhatsApp has named this feature “Delete for Everyone” & “Delete for me”.

WhatsApp Recall Feature

How will the WhatsApp Recall feature work?

WhatsApp Recall feature updates are being rollout in all platforms gradually. To use this recall message feature, it is very important to install WhatsApp Latest Version App in the users’ phone. Along with this, there are some Terms & Conditions of this feature that will work accordingly.

WhatsApp Recall Feature

  • To use WhatsApp recall message, sender and receiver should be installed in both the users’ phones whatsapp Latest Version app. Only then will this feature work.
  • After 7 minutes of message send this feature will work 7 minutes after message can not be deleted.
  • As soon as the user will delete a message by using the message message, instead of the deleted message, this WhatsApp default message will show “You Deleted this message”.
  • Use the WhatsApp Recall feature to apply not only to Text Message but for all, Image, Video, Documents, ZIP, Voice Message, Contact, Files, Locations, etc. That means the user can delete anything after sending.
  • This feature will not work for WhatsApp Encrypted Message.

Friends, WhatsApp Recall feature updates many users, and many people gave it related suggestions in the WhatsApp Feedback. Finally, WhatsApp has given a Best Update for its users. Because how many people have come into problem due to not being deleted sent message. If you have a question then you must comment.


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