Top 6 Cool WhatsApp Unknown Tricks

All you have to see about secret WhatsApp Tricks or WhatsApp Hacking Tricks. But today I’m going to tell you about some such WhatsApp Unknown Tricks which you probably never heard of. This is not all WhatsApp Best Secret tricks but the best WhatsApp unknown tricks that will make WhatsApp more interesting and usable. So let’s see ..

Some of the WhatsApp unknown tricks you might not know about:

WhatsApp is a tool that you can make money if you use it correctly. I’ve just told about Top 6 WhatsApp tricks. There are many other such tricks about WhatsApp which I probably do not know, I’ve been using these tricks very long ago, I find these all very nice and very important for my WhastApp, so I thought maybe you It’s also needed and you do not know about it.

whatsapp unknown tricks

# 1- How to Send Empty Messaging from WhatsApp?

Have you ever sent an Empty message to WhatsApp? I would not have thought that because Empty Message Send is not on WhatsApp, you can try it. But if you want to send an Empty message, you can download an EMPTY name from Play Store. With this, you can send WhatsApp messages without any type of message.

# 2- How to make WhatsApp Message Schedule?

If you want to have a healthy person at Birthday Wish at the right time. But you are very busy in any work, so you can schedule the message at any time, any day, with the help of the WhatsApp Scheduler App. As soon as the schedule time comes, the message will be automatically sent.

# 3- How to Delete Useless Photo Automatically from WhatsApp?

If you have joined many of your groups, then you will get lots of photos every day on your WhatsApp, which is not used anymore and you do not want to go to the gallery again and select one photo to delete. So you can download an app called Galerie Doktor, with this help you can delete all the Useless Photo automatically.

# 4- How to Trace the Person’s Location on WhatsApp?

If you are chatting on WhatsApp or any social networking sites and you want to know its location, then you can go to this website to create your account and whenever you want Trace its location.

# 5- How to Send WhatsApp Message Without Finder?

If someone has sent you a message on WhatsApp and you want the message to remain unread and you also read the message, for this you must first dial the phone on the Flight mode and if Wifi is using it then that OFF Go back and read the message and then switch off WhatsApp Mode.

# 6- How to use WhastApp without a phone number?

This is the most popular WhatsApp Unknown Tricks, I’ve told you about this trick long ago. If you do not know about it. So you click on WhatsApp Without Phone Number and read that Trick.

Friends, here’s information about Top 6 WhatsApp Unknown Tricks. These are all Tricks that have the most unique tricks and you do not even need to phone Root. By using all these WhatsApp Unknown Tricks you can make your WhatsApp Interesting and Usable. Hope you all liked this tricks and be helpful for you.



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