If your Facebook Account Disable or Facebook Account recovery Blocked and you want to place you right Facebook Account Today I connected all the detail about the Problem and Solution is then tell Your Facebook Account Disable you should also know about it, because you will learn about Facebook Account Privay Policy, in the Future will be very Helpful.
Because many people do not even have a Facebook Account Blocked and their Account Block is why, something similar happened to me.So I’m telling you all about it, so you can get help,

Here I talk about Facebook Account and Related 3 Topic,

1.Blocked Facebook Account Disable or why would you?
2.Blocked Facebook Account Recover how?
3.Facebook Account from being saved to the Block?



Blocked Account Disable or some of the main reason of the way, which is why Facebook Account Block …

• Real Name not show you do on Facebook, then it may be because your Account Block (For Example- @, $, this is all you can not use for Facebook Name.)
• Facebook Group Join Many even gets Account Block, (Maximum- 200 Group)
• If you or your Timeline Group Link Share Many do, so lets Block Facebook to your Account.
• more people than Poke gets Account Block.
• VPN Server is to use than Facebook Account Disable.
• If you are on Facebook is pretty much Offensives Content Post on Facebook Security Message show your Account will then become your Facebook Account Disable or Blocked (Ex – for accident, C-War).
• If you Friend Request Send the people about whom you do not know or who is not from your Community, Your Account Blocked such as Facebook can.
• Related to the Facebook Account you need detailed information, you can read the Facebook Privacy Policy.


Recover blocked Facebook account:

If for some reason your Facebook Account is Blocked or Disabled, you must Appeal to Facebook’s Account Unblock.


Note to you if Facebook Account Unblocked, Recover can, on your Facebook account to Gmail id or Phone Number add.
Account Recovery Appeal will go to Facebook Helpdesk, if you do not know about it, you click on the link to Direct Facebook Helpdesk is accessible.

• Facebook Helpdesk For Blocked & Disabled Account

Facebook Helpdesk Once in, you “My Pesonal Facebook Account is Disabled” option to click on,

Once in the Personal Account, you “Submit An Appeal” to click on,


Now here will find a form in which your Email, Phone Number, Name and Id (Aadhaar Card, Voter Id, PAN Card Etc) will be asked about.After you fill up the option, an Identity Card to the PDF File to Upload.



Note – you will Appeal to Facebook Account Unblock to Facebook, you must upload an ID to the course, if you do not have id upload to Facebook Unblock your Account will not.


If you follow the Terms of Facebook, your Facebook Account or Disable any Block will not be safe to do so under your Account.

• Facebook Timeline at any local Post, Message share forbid, which is against Facebook Policy,
• Do not Send Friend Request to any people, which is not a Mutual friend,
• any Accident, Personal, Offensives Post forbid, if you do it once, so lets Facebook Ignore.
• Any Product, Post, Video, Image does not share the link you place more than one, if you do, then Facebook would understand that you are spam.



Friends,This post has information about Facebook Account Disabled, which will help you to Recover your Blocked Facebook Account to be noted as well that, why would you and Facebook Account Disabled or Blocked how can be avoided.


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