World’s 1st 5g Smartphone’s first look has been leak on Twitter, 3G and 4G technology in India are not working properly and Qualcomm is launching 5G Smartphone. A Leak’s comes in few months ago was the MWC 2017 that ZTE Company launched the world’s first 5G Smartphone. But there was not much information about it. But this time Sherif Hanna has uploaded a Qualcomm 5g Smartphone picture on Twitter.

All of you know about LTE, VoLTE Technology, and since Jio SIM is launched most of the people in India use LTE and VoLTE. But still LTE Network does not work properly on many places.

Qualcomm 5G Smartphone:

The design of the Qualcomm 5G Smartphone that has been leaked to Twitter, its design is great and it looks even better than the Samsung 8 Smartphone. In the 5G Smartphone Leak Image, only the back side of the phone is showing and the Qualcomm Snapdragon 5g Smartphone has 2 Rear Camera and also 2 LED Flash.

Qualcomm 5G Smartphone

Many big telecom companies are working on 5G technology. But Qualcomm went ahead of it and Qualcomm will launch this 5g Phone for all Customers by 2019. Technology Expert believes that in 2020 almost all 4G countries will get 5G phones available.

Sherif Hanna who has image Leak of the phone on Twitter, he is LTE in Qualcomm Company and Marketing Head of 5G NR Department. This makes it understandable that this news is not a fake. But one thing is not clear that Qualcomm will launch this phone from Qualcomm Snapdragon Brand or partner with another company.

Feature Of 5G Technology:

According to Next Generation Mobile Network Alliance, some of the features of the User will be available with 5G Network.

  • Up to 10Gbps Data rate, which is 100x better than 4G Network and 10x better than 4.5G Network.
  • 1000x Bandwidth per Unit area accordingly.
  • There can be more than 100x Device Connect simultaneously in a 5G unit area.
  • 90% Network Energy Uses will decrease, so that the device may work continuously for a long time.
  • 5G network device use the battery life increases.
  • All the devices that will have 5g technology will get 100% Network Coverage.

Friends, Qualcomm can come soon in 5G Smartphone and 5G Technology India. Because Reliance Jio is working very fast on 5G technology. Just a few months ago, the Jio Fibre 100Mbps Connection was performed. After seeing the world’s 1st 5G Smartphone first look, it would have been understandable. How Future Smartphone can be and how much changes can come in Smartphone Technology in the future.



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